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38 Days! - Quick Update



Boy howdy! My skin's lookin' pretty darn rootin-tootin, Tutan Khamutin, my-momma's-commuting's-causing-much-pollutin’ good...Don’t squat with your spurs on! ;)

I've been playing on Red Dead Redemption for hours.

My skin is actually looking good. I don't have protruding spots anymore, except one on the left side of my head which has been there for weeks and hasn't changed. Starting to think it isn't a spot but a blind third eyeball that I've never noticed until now. It’s more uneven skin tone like red marks and inconsistent texture that’s the problem now, and spots that are deep down in my skin which I can’t actually see, but can sense their presence -strokes crystal ball-

Quick weather forecast: It’s cold. My hands are becoming so dry and it’s difficult to thicken moisturiser all over your hands and keep it on them for longer than a few minutes; it just rubs off everywhere. I found some on the bathroom ceiling! WHEN DID I TOUCH THE CEILING?!

Not much else to say really...been tired. Could just fall asleep now sitting on this bouncy, soft chair with a plumped up cushion behi...ok, there is a sufficient lack of sleepy/yawning/tired emoticons so you'll have to make do with my homemade version of a sleeping person: >-|ozzzz . . .


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