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3 Months



Sooo... It's been alittle over three months now that I've finished Accutane; end of June, July, August, September, start of Oct, k so more like four months but either way.Skin is looking awesome, havn't had any major breakouts since stopping, reddness is clearing niceless. I have been using Retin-A now for about five weeks or so, .04% strength, and I think thats whats really helping everything heal nicely, I would totally recoomend it, great for stopping any breakouits and for getting rid of any marks and whatever left over. So my routine now is; morning; I wash with Dove beauty bar, use two drops of Joise Maran 100% Argan oil (this stuff is awesome, makes your face feel so nice and soft), rub it in, and then a 60 spf sunscreen from Aveeno, in the night time; wash with Dove beauty bar again (i know it seems werid to use bar soap on your face, but this stuff is so gentle and non-irratating, never drys anything out), apply Retin-A, wait abit, apply Cetaphil mosturizing cream. And yeah, that's been working great for me, I'm excited to see how things progress from here, might soon be time to get rid of foundation, hehe.


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