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Day 12



Alrighty so the end of day 12

Well my skin is feeling leathery .... not really flaking or peeling... which is good cause i put make up on during the day and at the beginning of the reg. it was flaking off, i just told people it was part of my Halloween look i was going for lol .

I had a new brake out today on my lower lip, which is kinda shocking cause i never get any there :/ . It hurt to the point to where i popped it right bf i got in the shower so i could cleanse it. I still have a few tiny pimples on my cheek left, and my chin area is clearing up. But i havent got any cyst like pimples since i started the reg. So thats freakin amazing ! My neck is really dry so im going to try to stay away from that area with the bp. I feel like a freakin turtle when i turn my neck with all the wrinkles bc of how dry it is .

Other than that things are still looking up. I think i need to apply more moist. at night.

Been doing fantastic with staying away from my addiction to energy drinks ! WHICH HAS BEEN FREAKIN HARD !!! Oh and soda's :) Which have a major factor on breaking me out along with choc. and lots of sweets. So been doing good with that, although i still think im cheating by putting crystal light in my water, oh well its a start :) Havent been able to give up the coffee habit, and honestly dont think i will be able to ... just have to make up for it with more water.

Still hopeful and seeing good results. Ill try to post some pics tmr for my next blog


I'll have to remember that one "part of my halloween look".... ;)

Hey, well done with avoiding the energy drinks, and I dont think its cheating adding crystal light into your water. I'm assuming thats a type of cordial right? Maybe make sure its pretty weak.... But whatever gets you through the day.

How much BP are you using now?

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LOL yea it was a way to fluff it off.

Well to be honest im using %10 bp ( I know it says to avoid it) But i couldnt find any 2.5% so i figured i start off with that and switch to the 2% soon, i was just so excited finding the reg. i couldnt wait to try it. So im actually ordering some from here.

But to answer your question im only using a finger tip ( beginning amont) i wanted to wait til i got the right percentage before i ramped up. The only thing im not liking is how dull my skin is looking.

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Oh wow, 10% is high. Glad you're only using a small amount. I gave myself chemical burn in the first week using too much of the 2.5%. BP is strong stuff when your skin isnt used to it. Lets hope you're 2.5% comes soon :)

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