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:) Almost 8 Weeks



So Im stoked today, the big bumps are flattening out nicely as ive been going pretty BP crazy since these massive things have started appearing left right and centre

ok so the flakiness is very NOT cool and very obvious underneath the foundation but hey! it could be worse having flaky with very big red bumps underneath...

I have some active pimples on chin and the big cyst under skin next to my nose,the one big one on my eye I was so impressed with, after loading with bp the next morning it went down completely even though i had squeezed it before putting on the bp. usually these éyezits' have a nasty habit of growing and growing and lasting for weeks so wasnt i pleasantly surprised...

This could of course be due to the water Im drinking as well, past 3 days I have been very good with my 1 and a half litres a day and it always shocks me how quickly water can improve my skin, it even glows more!

so yesterday eve we couldnt go to the beach as it was too windy but we had a gorgeous day today and not only did i tan my super casper white legs but i also enjoyed a stunning steak and butternut salad on the beach with my love which totally rocked. Once again Im blessing you with some pics hehe of the beautiful mother city grinwink.gif

otherwise tomorrow I have a date with a girlfriend, going for coffee along seapoint and lunchat her spot which im looking forward to, i simply just cannot hibernate in this weather , its too glorious.shades.gif

Oh yeah ive never really spoken about my 'bacne'I have some of that too eusa_wall.gif and a very big cyst on my back too which never goes away, its not red - just gross! im a big baby when it comes to getting things removed.. but anyways im keen to start looking into getting my back clear too, I cant afford to coat it in BP as well, as the tube i buy doesnt have lots in, it barely gets me through the month for my face...

anyways have a good eve peops....


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