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Day 52



Ok, so I'm now 52 days into my 5 month, 60 mg/ day course and things seem to be improving. I've got one cyst on my jawline that's been lingering for over a month, but it's not sore or inflamed any longer. All my other cysts have either totally disappeared or are very tiny now. One cyst I had on the bottom of my chin burst earlier this week (very gross how much gunk comes out!!), which was crazy for me because I've never before had a cyst come to a head. I did get one very inflamed pimple on my chin a few days ago that has THREE different heads on it and has been throbbing for several days, but at least it's not a cyst! The rest of my face is completely clear, although I do have a few red spots from past pimples, but they seem to be fading. All my other Accutane side effects are under control right now (redness/ peeling/ dandruff/ fatigue), but I think that's because I've learned which products are best for me, and also because other than my short trip to Mexico last week, I've really babied myself since beginning my course (no alcohol, lots of fruits/ veggies/ water/ sleep).

I'm going to take my lab tests next Monday and will visit the derm on Tuesday, so we'll see whether she decides to keep my dose the same. I think I am already on a relatively high dose for my height/ weight (5'5", 120 lbs), but she had mentioned going up to 80 mg/ day the last time I saw her. Part of me wants to go up to 80 because I really want to make sure to get rid of this acne permanently, but part of me wants to stay at 60 because the side effects are tolerable at this dose.


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