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Frustration And The Waiting Game....hurry Up Already!



Ola, sooooo today, nothings changed still waiting for my skin to change.Feeling a bit down today cos of it. It isn't that bad really just a few big ones and a couple smaller but everywhere else is clear though so ya gotta take the good with the bad... I guess. I see what they mean when they say u heal slower, the spots I have at the mo are taking ages to shove off. I discovered I had a lot more dandruff than I thought while scratching my head at work and saw it snow down like an itchy, flake blizzard on my black shirt lol, shampooed it out, but it will be back again soon no doubt.

O.k here is a question what products can I use to keep my skin relatively clear, or help reduce the duration of a breakout while on accutane, ya know send em on there way quicker. I dont get many at the moment (fingers crossed, freddy) but the ones that do appear are cystic and flare up quite big. So yeah any input would be great thanks guys I'll give anything a go atm. I know it's fairly early days and I have a long road ahead but any secrets and/or tips would be appreciated. That's it catch tomorrow.

Peace Out Rabbit. tongue.png


My head hasn't been itchy until I did some exercise the other day and I began to scratch like crazy. Do you live somewhere hot? Maybe it's sweat+accutane which makes you itch more? I live somewhere relatively cool so maybe I only get it when I run around a bit.

Oh, and I think you're not allowed to use any anti-acne products on your skin whilst on 'tane :(

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I live in australia a half an hour drive from the gold coast a.k.a the surface of the god damn SUN!!!! Also I went to the gym maybe made it itch??? Im going to my derm this morning so I'll ask him about the anti-acne product situation.

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