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Day 11



Well nothing really special to update on my face .... i popped those two that were driving me crazy ... they were dried up white-heads . No new brake outs this morning :) I do feel like my skin looked rather dull but meh i can live with that. I keep waiting for the purging phase to begin that people say they get after a couple of weeks. I'll be more than happy to skip that phase lol, but if not no big deal. A price worth paying to end up with better skin.

GOAL FOR THE DAY - WATER WATER WATER ..... now i wonder if its cheating if i put crystal light in it ????

Its going to be real hard staying away from my best friend AMP - Energy drink, oh well.

So ive got a question for the vets , once your skin cleared up , do you continue putting on as much bp ? I know im not there yet but was wondering if this routine is going to have to be with me for the rest of my life. Now im not complaining, it really isnt horrible, just wondering.


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