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Less Moaning Today :)



So something seems to be up with this blog? is anyone else battling to post new blog entries? seems to be taking forever and eventually i need to close screen so if you couldnt read last entry thats why....

Well You didnt miss much I was just moaning about my crappy skin week lol.. been feeling a bit down as skins gone a bit crazy and lots of new zits and big marks etc... woke up feeling better today though, doesnt help moping does it. Thats one thing about working from home, you have the option to hide out, I dont know if thats a good thing though hehe. I remember sitting in meetings with about 12 sales reps in my last job position, bright morning light shining on face in the boardroom and they run through each persons sales aloing with all the reps in different regions on skype... flip hey when i was having a bad skin week it was just the worse, no where to hide face and everyone sitting around a table looking at eachother and of course with the stress of the job my skin was almost always a mess which didnt help matters much, im so relieved to not have to go through that anymore but still, the option to just lie around and mope is so much higher when you dont 'have to' get up and go.

I must say since I left that job Im like a whole new person :) Just having time to slow down, to look after hubbys needs and house and to persue what i want to do ( interior decorating) is great... ok so I havnt had any jobs yet in 5 months but I have been setting up stuff and took 2 months break and have done one small drawing job i suppose :P having this opportunity has also enabled me to leave skin make up free alot which has been great.

eusa_whistle.gif ah love this song...daughtry is awesome :) ( sorry random thought as im listening to them lol)

So today sun is shining, always makes me feel like going out, wonder what face will look like today with make up :/ its hard to hide all the big bumps and sometimes when it looks too bad after all the effort of putting on my face I decide hell no its too bad im staying in!!

super sad, I must take my own advice and just go and stop worrying, most people are just getting on with their lives and surely dont care about some random strangers bumpy face now do they!

anyhoo i want to start thinking about diet now more as well...wondering what a gluten dairy free diet looks like, if anyone has links they can share please do... I would be interested to see how diet may impact face ( oh and body will be a bonus too :P)Well options for today are :

Sit around and mope

Go to beach

Go to shops to get food

Go to china town and look at clothes ( mmmm shopping baaaaad)

Go get pics developed for my photo wall and work on that

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i duuuuunoeusa_doh.gif

bye for now 1eye.gif


Hi :)

I couldn't read the last entry but it seems like it's a problem with the link rather than anything you've done. All the other entries load fine.

Glad to hear you're feeling a little better. Whatever you decide to do today, try your best to avoid hiding away at home. I could go on for hours about this, believe me, I'm an expert on it.

We've been having unseasonably good weather here this last week and I promised myself I was going to enjoy it. My skin is improving such a lot but my anxieties and lack of confidence are always there, regardless. Seems that's a big issue all by itself but I'm working on it.

Anyway, I was out in public, visiting parks and things, each day last week. Even though I was by myself and do tend to feel lonely sometimes, I felt so much better for not hiding away.

I don't know if it's a fear of being judged harshly or what it is that stops us sometimes, but I'd bet nobody sees us the way we see ourselves. Like you say, everyone's probably too busy going about their daily routine.

What you said about the work situation really hit home with me. I used to hate facing people at work; hated feeling like I was the odd one out. Maybe I was, in that everyone else appeared to have great skin, but I still had things to offer. I just really struggled with the skin thing. It had such an impact on my performance and actions at work that I eventually got fired.

I guess it had to happen because that is what has led me to start turning my life around, and indeed, start to actually create one so that I can live it and enjoy it instead of letting it pass by.

It's great that you've managed to get away from any pressures there and can pursue a passion. If you give it your best shot and push yourself to make the most of it, no reason why you can't achieve your goals.

I'd guess that having better skin is also one of your goals and there's no reason why you can't achieve that, too. The thing with any kind of regimen is that it takes time and patience. Sometimes it takes the odd backwards step, but it'll pass. Just keep your head up and keep going. Easier said than done sometimes, but it'll all come good eventually. :)

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I have so much trouble logging onto this site...sometimes it takes half an hour and then a lot of times I can't get onto peoples blog entries, like yours yesterday.

I hope you didnt choose 'stay at home and mope'. :)

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