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Roaccutane Day 64



It's day 64 on Roaccutane!

I am still experiencing the usual breakouts each day and haven't seen much improvement, if any.

My derm said after 3 months i should see a dramatic improvement so i am not really worried yet. I am over half way through and the first two months are out the way which is really good..

I have noticed that i have not had any spots on my back at all the last week and it is nice and smooth.

I have had about one spot each week come up on my neck/back of head which is just a big bump and feels like a gland, it isn't a cyst i don't know what it is but it just won't go. My lips are making me crazy, i can't wait to have normal lips again it will feel soo good!

Tomorrow i am starting my 55mg course which will be it until the end of my couse. I only weigh 54kg so i will be on more than my body weight. I'm really excited to start seeing some good results cus i can't put up with this for much longer.

I am still not using a moisturizer all over my face, i just put it on little dry patches which comes up. I am using Dermol 500 lotion to wash my face still and that is keeping my face from getting drier than it would if i used a gel wash. I am going to invest in a good moisturizer probably Avene as they seem to have really good products.

Will keep everyone/if anyone reading up to date in a few weeks and by then i will hopefully start to see improvements. I am taking pictures of my face every week to see the progress so will show everyone as soon as i see improvements. nod.gif


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