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Going Into The 2Nd Week



DAY 10

So i woke up this morning and felt a few new pimples , They felt like they were going to be HUGE !!! BUT when i looked in the mirror they were actually quite small :) I had a feeling that they were coming up anyways bc i could feel them under the skin but hadnt appeared yet. Today is my day off , so a brake from makeup :) I am so fighting the urge to pop them !!!! Ive got enough scaring as is , no need to add to the rest of it. Anyways, still hopeful .

I think my face is finally getting used to the bp, i almost feel like im putting TO MUCH MOST. ON . I dont even know if thats possible, but i felt like my skin was over oily due to it last night. So im going to cut down a little on it and see what happens. I really want to ramp up the dosage of the bp now, but it says to wait til after 2 weeks ....

Anyways..... off to enjoy my day off :)

Oh trying to get on the drinking water thing, I KNOW I NEED TO ! It should be the only thing im drinking, my fluid in take consist of coffee in the morning ( a few cups ) and energy drinks through out the day. I KNOW I KNOW bad !!! So i started cutting down on those, now to make water be my go to thing .... lets see how that goes. Plus im trying to stop smoking ( yeaaa a whole bunch of negatives) So all this is in my goal to accomplish by the end of this week. WISH ME LUCK !


good luck :) i also battle with the water but after just a week of 1 and a half litres per day ( when i make myself do so) skin clears dramatically.. add a couple slices lemon makes it less boring ;)

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Thats a lot of habits to break in one week! Oh god, coffee....now that is my weakness......

Be patient with the BP or you will regret it......the chemical burn look is very attractive......haha.

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yea it is , but theres alot more factors than just my face, ive got to get my teeth worked on at the beginning of next year too, so ive got to kick these habits and its time .

Yea your right, i dont think the chemical burn will look fantastic on me lol ! :)

Thank you ladies for your support, means alot, i dont feel like im in this alone

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