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What A Zitty Week :(



so apparently some peops couldnt read this let me try repost :

This is gonna be a boring whiney blog - im warning you.

skin hasnt looked worse since i started. i dont really understand whats going on all i do know is PMS and sugar probably have something to do with it. not only do the bumps all look worse but i even have a new massive zit on my eyelid which is my worst sad.png

along with that next to nose is the biggets blind zit known to man...so yeah im trying to be positive but have been hiding out past 2 days just drinking water and leaving face open... but baking and eating cupcakes as well :/ and as i get more marks im picking more as well...

oi oi oi .... is there some good news mmmm i guess cloudy weather and dvds cuddled op on my couch and not having to go out is pretty good although tomorrow i will be venturing out for lifegroup so will be caking on the makeup and hopefully wont look to gross.

the thing is when skin starts to clear - you notice every new bump even more and in your own mind think that others will notice just as much hey tongue.png

anyways im too depro today to talk much, ill just go back into burrito mode now smile.png thats what hubby calls me when i curl up on couch in a blankie lol

happy eve all , I hope ur progress is better than mine at the moment smile.png


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