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35 Days! - Positivity.



Today I thought I'd try to be overly optimistic and see the good in the bad in having acne and accutane side-effects (am I allowed to say bad when being overly optimistic?)...'and see the good in the not so good'?...'the good in the lesser good'?... I'm gonna see good stuff in stuff.

I'll start off with acne, seeing as acne's first before accutane. However, metaphorically speaking, if acne and accutane were waiting at a bus stop I'd hope accutane wouldn't show an ounce of chivalry and say "acne first", offering her first dibs on seats. I'd hope he'd push acne off of the bus, or mug her of her self-worth, or rip her week pass up so she has to pay another £11.00 for a new one. I'm aware that I'm not very good at this positive thing.

Nevertheless, here it goes:


Looks bad BUT improves ability to sympathise with other people who are self-conscious about flaws.

Is difficult to deal with psychologically BUT can build a foundation of experience and ability to deal with other stresses.

Has a stigma BUT opens eyes to the ignorance of humans and keeps us from living in a fantasy world (is this even a good thing?!)

Can be physically painful BUT can strengthen tolerance to pain? (this one sounds like it was written by a Spartan.)

People sometimes stare BUT...it gives us the perfect opportunity to hypnotise them? Argh! It's hard ok?!


Causes skin to get dry and sensitive BUT gets us into a routine of being soft and gentle with our skin.

Causes lips to redden and become irritated BUT makes them plumped and pouted, like Angelina Jolie...or Roz from Monsters Inc.

Causes itchy head (dandruff) BUT gives you some extra seat room on the bus when you itch violently beside a stranger.

Makes inside of nose dry BUT allows you to pretend it's a mini batcave. "To the batmobile!"

Ok, as you can see I'm not a naturally optimistic person and found that really difficult (hence the lack of serious answers) but even cutting the edge off the bad with acne and accutane through jokes and attempts at seeing the good always seems to help me deal with it a little better.


"W a z o w s k i"

Check out my

gallery for current pictures of my progress.

I'll update soon.


Recommended Comments

Yes Yes Yes Batcave!!! Ur awesome cheered me was having a crap day, lookin and feelin like sh!!!!t but Batcave hahahaa

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Thanks :D If it's any consolation I'm also looking like poop, but it'll all be worth it in the end. How bad we feel now will be nothing compared to how good we'll feel in a few months time :)

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Ha ha, nice blog, funny stuff. Congratulations, I'm totally going to follow/stalk you now.

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+1 on the stalking thing. You had me at Roz. "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me!" :D

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