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Nineteen, Nineteeen!



Captains' (B)Log October 4th Year 2011, Day 19 into the Tane voyage, well that's enough of that, I have been very tired for no reason today I had heaps of sleep lastnight, so tired that I actually had a nap at work. Shoooosh.eusa_shhh.gif My scalp is crazy dry, got dandruff a bit, My lips are actually quite good today I think its the pawpaw ointment that stuff is amazing, I had a big jar of it left over from when my tattoos were healing.And it smell awesome I want to eat it. A nyway I seem to be waking up during the night a bit more that usual aswell not to bad tho i just roll over and continue dreaming about giant bugs attacking me lol. I haven't had anymore weird dreams yet since the ones the other night. I haven't really noticed any sensitivity to UV yet, I pretty much walk around in a singlet on my days off, cos its so bloody hot here. Im eating healthy like I said I would drinking nothing but water, eating plenty of fruit and all that crap. Also my skin has ben a little bit dry and itchy in random places e.g one spot on my left arm, a knuckle on my right hand. Just weird litle things going on like that. Oh yeah! I had a crappy headache for a bit but some ibuprofen smashed it. Righto, that's it. Captain out YO!!


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