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What I Would Give To Be Able To Not Wear Makeup



Okay so this is my first blog. Figured id give some background to my life with acne.

Ive had acne since about 6th grade. YEA THAT LONG ! I am now 26 and thought by this point age would make it go away.

Ive hid behind makeup for as long as i can remember. Which at the beginning i had no idea that it would only create more problems.

During high school like most teens it flared up at its worse.

I tried everything from over the counter to proactive - to even a round of accutane . Accutane helped a little but my results werent the best. So i gave up , and didnt do the second round.

So i have been researching acne for about a year now. IVE HAD ENOUGH ! Tried home remedy's which helped. Lemon juice and egg whites are awesome. But didnt do anything as completely clearing me up, just put a dint in it.

I wish i had time to sit here and discribe all my acne troubles and trials but we would be here allll night. I just want to get to the point of not having to wear makeup anymore. To be able to run out the door and not feel horrible through out the day. I avoid mirrors at all cost .

Ive been on Dan's reg. for about a week now, and im loving the results im getting. I can def tell a difference already. Which is saying a lot. Ive got a couple new ones since starting it but they quickly go away, and without me popping them. Im trying my hardest not to. After the 3rd day i got super freakin dry, hurt like crap ! But i think it was bc i didnt have good enough most. so i changed it to cep. which i havent had any problems since. I am sticking with this, after reading so many peoples stories i figured whats there to lose, could only help right.

I wanted to create a blog so i can look back and see my improvements.

So these are pictures after week 1 - DEF SEE IMPROVEMENT.blogentry-159030-0-98564500-1317696269_tblogentry-159030-0-12093200-1317696272_tblogentry-159030-0-61223600-1317696274_tblogentry-159030-0-91781400-1317696276_t


I'm glad that you're having good results with the regimen, but don't be too stressed if you go a bit backwards in the second week. I know I did big time, with my skin worse than ever in the second week, but it soon passed. Good luck with the 'no makeup' thing.....Its always such a big step to take, but remember its all mental.

I'll look forward to reading about your progress.

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Yes they are evil

Thank you Resery for the heads up .... how long have you been on the reg. ? And your right it is a mental thing, i think thats going to be one of the hardest steps, but at the same time i know it needs to be done so my skin can really heal.

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I'm up to week 4 now, and really seeing great results. I think I really started clearing up the beginning of week 3 but week 2 was a shocker! I have a blog with my progress, you are welcome to scan through. I don't wear foundation to work at all now, but a fellow spotty friend on here gave me advice to still wear eye makup so I still feel reasonably human

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