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Ok, everytime I say "I'm clear!" then a few days later zits spring up. :(

I'm wondering what is the cause. My skin isn't as glowy as it was a few weeks ago, and it could be that I haven't been using manuka honey as much. My forehead was actually very very smooth and glowy and I didn't even put makeup there! It seems that there is always at least one part of my face that has a breakout, whether its the corner of my mouth and my forhead, cheeks, neck is clear- or its my cheeks, mouth, chin, neck that is clear and my forehead is broken out lol.

Then yesterday I woke up with dozens of comodomes on my forehead- out of nowhere. And there are about 5 very very small pimples on the left side of my cheek. They are considerably minor and are not even inflamed or have a head. They look kinda like irritation bumps from a chemical or simply mechanical rubbing. They are so minor I doubt they will scar or leave a red mark. I'm leaving them alone hoping not to irritate them and cause them to linger or scar.

Possible causes of minor breakout....

1. I was using jojoba oil to remove makeup, as well as moisturizing if needed, but I believe I've been using to much and it's been clogging my pores. Maybe use much much less of it.

2. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to take an alcohol wipe and gently wipe on my forehead and nose to dry out the super duper tiny clogged pores that only I could see. Now, theres bumps all over my forehead. I don't think my skin likes any kind of alcohol. :( sigh.... whether its cetyl alcohol, rubbing alcohol, etc.

3. Or it could be that I used AHA+ all over last week and left it on for about 15 minutes....

4. Or it could be that I've been going crazy with the caffeine and drinking soy chai tea lattes from starbucks and drinking 2 cups a day of green tea in the afternoon just to stay awake. Maybe I'll just stick to the green tea and cut out the chai lattes. It seems that I've never really had a problem with tiny bumps on my forehead, so it has to be something I'm eating or actually using on my skin. I remember in years past I cut out caffeine for a few months and would have very clear skin on my forehead. I believe stress comes out through the skin on the forehead, and hormones are jawline and mouth.

The only thing the Veltin was good for was getting rid of the bumps on my forehead. It dries them out effectively without creating new zits I think. I won't use it anywhere else on my face because I know what it causes lol. I've been using it as a spot treatment on my back which works very well.

I'm tempted to go out in a hat today to cover up my forehead,but I don't want to make it worse! Or I could just try to cover it with my side bangs. Anyways, besides these minor minor breakouts, my skin looks pretty good. No painful lesions, cysts, inflamed zits on my neck, jawline, mouth area, etc.

I've included pics from when I broke out from the veltin back in aug and september, and the pics of the recent :) I realized they are almost a month apart. See the difference! miracles of papaya soap and manuka honey


omg! that is like me. like I remember a few months ago i was like yes!! free of zits and acne!! and then a week later I woke up to a massive breakout of zits. i was like wat did i do wrong?? I just used moisturizer with tea tree oil in it to reduce the oil in my skin and to make my skin feel more soft and not as dry as before. I still toned my face and washed my face. I just took out the bp spot treatment.

acne is such a pain!

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ah girls i feel ur pain, just when u think u have this thing taped....nooooo...u wake up with more and more buuut looking at pics there is such an improvement y3rfd0g(wow thats difficult to type in the dark lol) im also having poopy week and i also think its too much sugar or something im eating :/ to be honest jajoba also broke me out tried it twice but kept breaking me out... so really manuka honey and stuff? where do i get this? is it really good for skin ,cant break out??

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hey all! thanks for the comments. I forgot I posted these pics, and it keeps me hopeful and realizing that my current skin isn't nearly as bad as that horrible breakout.

@faithgirl- I don't know if you can get manuka honey in south africa, but you can buy manuka honey at any health food store/whole foods store. One jar lasted me about 5 weeks considering I used it A LOT and in large amounts. I just bought another jar at whole foods for about 20 bucks the same brand. There are more expensive ones, about 35-40 bucks, and may be more potent or whatever, but I decided that this stuff works and I only had enough money for the cheaper one. Yes, I pretty much always turn to it for spot treating. I just gently poke a forming zit, squeeze if there's a head, and put a blob of honey on it over night and it's pretty much gone in a day or two and leaves relatively no mark. It's really good for PIH and red marks. I think I started breaking out when I stopped using it, and my skin lost it's glow. It's crazy how good it works even though it's all natural! Good luck whistling.gif)

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