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34 Days! - Who You Gonna Call? Spotbusters!



Today I couldn't fill my bottle of water up because I was busy in the study room and I ended up feeling really dehydrated by the end of the day. When I got home I drank two big glasses of water and my head is still thudding. It hurts when I stand up-ARGH-I gave you water, now go away! eusa_wall.gif

I had to put my foundation on twice this morning because it went so horrible the first time. I had dried skin everywhere and my face was burning and melting it off. I washed my face, swept up dry skin with a baby brush and moisturised. Still had prominent spots above my eyebrow, lip and near my ear which foundation couldn't really cover but meh. Usually if I only had three spots I'd be all 'yay!", but now I'm really "nay!" (not in a horse context) I think because my skin has been getting better and better and oh, bad again, makes those few spots seem more extreme. Wish you could hire acne exorcists to come and draw the evil spot spirits from your face, like off the movie. Who you gonna call? Spotbusters!..I ain't 'fraid of no spot! du-du-du, wah, woh, wah, woh, wah, woh.

Sorry, the guitar solo doesn't really work when typed. And it's the wrong movie...sorry.

Currently having a nice cup of tea and relaxing in an attempt to soothe my head, and hoping my skin improves by tomorrow and, well, that's all. Pretty short blog post today, so I'll plump it up with a joke: What type of cheese is made backwards?......Edam.

Sorry, I couldn't think of any better ones lol.gif


Haha, thanks! :P

It finally did go away so I managed to have a good sleep and haven't felt as fatigued today. Gonna make sure I drink loads of water to make sure I don't get another though.

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I wish I could like this twice; once for the heading, and two for the cheese joke which I am totally going to steal (if I can actually remember it in five minutes time... past experience says not)!

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Thank you, thank you *bows* I can never remember any jokes except that cheese one. IT IS THE CHOSEN ONE!

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