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Day 26-It's So Hard Not To Exfoliate



As a makeup and product junkie I am trying SO hard to resist all my lovely bottles of foundation, exfoliators and face masks. Maybe it's just the nice packaging, or maybe it's all the remaining miniscule bits of dry skin tempting me. Perhaps I should hide everything or chuck it all away! At least I'm getting better at not picking so much.

Zit-wise there are no new ones which is AMAZING, although if you were to put paint on my face and stick it onto a piece of paper a la potato printing style you would still see a pizza because of all the remaining bumps, scars and scabs (Hmm, scab pizza). My cheeks are looking fairly clear though and dare I say it, looked like they had a healthy glow? Must be the lighting as I've never had that before! My mouth and chin area is still red (although not dry now!) and makes me look like I have a goatee. Not a good look for a pregnant lady, I'm like a bearded blimp.

The jojoba oil is still working, although I'm finding that it doesn't mix particularly well with moisturiser and goes all lumpy. I've started applying a few drops of the oil on my face first and then applying the moisturiser on top. It's faster this way too as the cream just smoothes on easily.

I've been trying to eat more healthily by aiming to have a mainly vegetarian diet but failed miserably yesterday in Ikea as the meatballs and chips looked too good. They were worth the guilt though! I made minestrone soup in the evening to make up for it. I definitely feel that whenever I eat more meat and/or junk my skin is not so good. I think I need to plan more tasty veggie meals. This week I plan to cook veggie hot and sour soup, vegetable gyoza and aubergine parmigiana. Phwooaar, I feel hungry now!


STEP AWAY FROM THE FACE MASK!! I'm exactly the same, I look at all my dermilogica exfoliators and creams and try to convince myself that they are the enemy and did nothing to clear my skin before so why should they suddenly work now?

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Oh god, but the bottles are so shiny and enticing......arrrghhh...

Baaah, cant seem to get into your day 26 blog. This seems to be a recurring problem with some blog entries...pooh!

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