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Day ?



Hi again everyone, not much to report Im just a bit bored and thought I would update. No weird dreams in the last couple of days, same old story aswell dry lips, my nose is buggin me feels like I got boogers all the time but its just dry, ya know same stuff blah,blah, blah!! I haven't been eating real healthy either (whooops), hey I had to quit drinkin so I have substituted it with junk food. nod.gif. Im starting to miss beer a little bit. My mood in general is much better tho, even tho my skin is still sh!tty I find it easier to go out in public, Im starting to actually do things e.g I went to the gym today, and I haven't been for 5 yrs I know im gonna pay for it tomoz when I try to get out of bed lol, bcoz I've been gettin a bit of fatigue on this stuff already, but at least gym is good for me. Alright that's me....catch

DONATELLO!!!!!!!!! turtle.gif

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