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33 Days! - Acne & Meeting Guys



Sorry I didn't write a blog yesterday-didn't have much to say really, and I was shattered and could only muster the strength to watch Baby's Day Out (in which I "aww'd" and "schmoochy-woochy-woo'd" consistently through; it's one cute baby!)

Moving on...I'm not seeing a massive change in my skin at the minute. That one huge, painful spot on the left side of my face is doing the opposite to what I expected. I thought it would get even bigger until it got a head, but it seems to be getting sucked closer to my skin and is definitely not pop-able. It's like my body is killing it off, which sounds more epic than 'I squeezed it" and leaves room for the imagination to run wild-no need to thank me for giving you that opportunity cool.png.

I have this excited feeling like you do waiting for Christmas (which is in 83 days. Looked that up. Didn't know it off the top of my head...eusa_shifty.gif) I can't wait to have nice skin again and stop feeling so unattractive eusa_boohoo.gif and start having more confidence in myself. The Derm did say to me that clearer skin won't make me more confident by itself and I have to make more of an effort to go out more, but I basically don't believe her. I know for a fact as soon as my skin behaves itself I'll be out that door 24/7. I've already been out way more than usual, and my skin has only improved a bit.

One thing I am really nervous about is meeting guys, which sounds pathetic but I've went to an all girls school for 7 years from age 11 up to the end of this year where I'll be 18. I hit puberty within those years, which generously gave me a gift basket of anxiety, self-loathe, sweaty palms and embarrassing things to say to attractive people when they speak to you. In this time I've almost always had a bit acne which increased in severity through time, meaning I haven't had the confidence to go to clubs out of school time etc in which to even chat with the opposite sex because I've felt so ugly. When I get clear skin and go out more, I dread to think of the humiliating things I'll do when put on the spot in front of a nice guy lol.gif hopefully I'll naturally grow out of this nervousness. Or become a nun.

Skin today:


Bahahahaha nun!! I can't wait to go out to I have let my friends down a lot because I didn't want to go clubbing due to my skin.

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Same here (except not clubbing-not yet 18 but will be this year) I'm gonna be a party animal once my skin's good :lol: Thanks for reading :D

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