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Day 17 - New Side Effects



Hi everyone it's day 17 everything is good stormtrooper.gif STORMTROOPER!!!!!!!!!, sorry I just really wanted to use that. Yeah so today my nostrils/sinuses feel very dry not bad just enough to annoy me, my hair continues to get drier its like hay which is good cos it looks cool all scruffy I like it. My scalp is a bit dry to i've noticed too, my skin is pretty good to face is very dry and flaky, but my acne has seemed to slow down im waiting for another breakout to errupt any day now. I have a new bump emerge every now and then but nowhere near as common as before. biggrin.png I have also been having weird dreams like my teeth falling out and being attacked by giants bugs lol, I read another users blog describing similar weird dreams while on accutane, I don't know if these are a symptom of the drug, I can't really be sure cos I've had much weirder dreams. It's also getting harder and harder to get out of bed, but I am very lazy. So IDK? Ok that's it for now...catch


my hair continues to get drier its like hay which is good cos it looks cool all scruffy I like it

Seeing the good in the bad through the accutane course is vital. My lips are all cracked and swollen-but it makes me lips naturally red and plumped up so i guess so that's my positive thinking :P

I've been wanting to do this for ages...:


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Yeah in the booklet thingy it said that I won't have to wash my hair as much, so now I cut back from washing it once a month to NEVER hahaha!! It's awesome!! HOOLAH CAT!!!!!!!!!!

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