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Adding Bactrim To Spiro And Topicals



Forgot to mention that my new derm also wrote me a prescription for a high dosage of Bactrim. From what I've read, it can seriously work wonders for most people's skin as long as they keep taking it and don't form a resistance. And can deal with any side effects, which with Bactrim it seems there are quite a few. I hesitated to take it at first, wanting to see how the topicals do on their own before adding something else. Anyways, its been a week since I started on the topicals, and I am seeing some improvement in the residual superficial acne/slight breakouts I've continued to have. Spiro has virtually annihilated my hormonal cystic acne (PRAISE GOD), but I still get maybe 3 new pimples ever week. They're usually really minor and go away after a few days thanks to the topicals, but I figure- if the Bactrim can keep those little suckers from ever forming, I'm seriously gonna be in clear-skin heaven. So yeah, my derm prescribed that I take two 800-160 mg tablets daily, which seems a bit high. And from what I've read, quite a few people have had some pretty serious reactions to it within the first few days to a week of starting the medication, so I'm playing it safe by taking 1/2 of one of the 800-160mg tablets once daily until I see how it affects me. If after a week of 1/2 dosage I feel fine, no rash or anything else weird, I'll start taking a whole tablet daily and probably just stick with that and see how it goes for me. I don't think I'll have any problems with it though, I have used a topical cream called Acnomel for many years and the main ingredient was sulphur, and it never caused problems. I've also taken MSM in the past with no complications, so I think I'll be fine. If I'm seeing results skin-wise after a week on the half dosage ( I know people say it takes 2-3 months to see legitimate results- but just about every review I've read, on this site and others, the people that had good results began seeing them immediately, usually in the first few days to a week), I may just stick with that and not raise it at all. Why take more of something when less works just fine? Exactly the same motto I had with the Spiro, and even though I'm on a super low dose that many people think won't be effective, its doing quite nicely for me regardless. Just goes to show everybody is different. Anyways, I'll check back in a few weeks to blog about any progress or changes!!


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