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Accutane Day 94



So, finally had my derm appointment today. I have a new prescription so I now have enough pills to go back to doing 2 30mg pills a day instead of the 30 mgs once a day. Back up to 60mgs!

Actually, dropping down to the 30mgs really helped with side effects. I had more energy this week and my lips weren't unmanageably peely. Worried that they will get really peely again soon, but anything for clear skin!

I asked my derm how much longer on Accutane and she said she'd only take me off it once I have a full month of no breakouts. I'm still having breakouts along the jawline, but nothing major. I can still feel some underskin bumps there, so I don't think I'm done breaking out there yet. But otherwise, I don't worry about my skin too much anymore. It's such a nice feeling! It's really only redmarks that keep me from going out without makeup - but those are slowly fading.

Hopefully this next month (my fourth month on Accutane) will be the turning point. I'm hoping to be off by Christmas! It's hard to believe how much better my skin is on Accutane. As much as I hate the side effects, I love what it is doing for me!

Redmark on my nose is still there. Asked my derm and she said she couldn't fix it until I come off Accutane - it's probably some form of rosacea. Weird, weird, weird. Wish it would go away!


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