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30 Days! - Stigma Of Acne.



So the other day I was washing my face and applying moisturiser whilst looking into the mirror. I started thinking about the transition of sore red skin to soft pink, the shrinking of spots and ejecting of stubborn blackheads, all within a few weeks. I was standing there with a smile before suddenly feeling really upset. I was aware I should look out for certain emotions whilst on Accutane, but I could feel this was rational and had its reasons for rising up. It felt like a ton of unused emotion suddenly reared its ugly head and crashed down onto me, bringing with it an endless amount of questions, here being only a fraction: "Why did acne choose me?", "Why do some people have nice skin without having to try, and I have to put my body through years of antibiotics, lotions and now pollute it with Accutane?", "Why did I have to lose 3-4 years of my teenage life, self-conscious and afraid to leave the house because of something I couldn't control?". I'm sure many acne sufferers ask themselves similar questions, but the fact that they all appeared from nowhere was interesting (and equally horrible)

I feel that acne comes with a bad stigma, similar to that of obesity. When someone is extremely overweight and in the region of 'morbidly obese' they very rarely get any sympathy from those other than doctors and those in the same boat. Some people don't see it as a condition but more of a life choice, thinking it's the person in question's own fault for being 'greedy', when most of the time there is a mental basis for their overeating such as an early childhood experience. Nobody with a rational way of thinking would allow themselves to become so overweight that they cannot do basic functions such as walk and wash without assistance.

The preconceptions for acne, such as the person simply 'doesn't wash properly', 'has a bad diet' or that their acne is 'contagious' seems to linger round even today. I've read blogs which tell of people coming up to acne-sufferers stating "you have spots because you're dirty", or saying cruel comments like "sort your face out!", like acne can be cured with 1 visit to a shop for some soap. This-I want to say minority but I have a feeling it's a lot more-these people have a shallow conception of what counts as a genuine condition, like acne is a limp-short of qualifying as a real medical condition. Why this is I'm not really sure, but if any of you have any ideas as to why I'd really like to hear from you!

My skin today:


I totally understand what ur saying, some ppl are just to stupid or ignorant and just believe what they hear. But it's not really their fault because perfect skin just happens for them with no effort at all they can't comprehend why other ppl have acne. It is very easy to just believe what ur told, Ppl use to believe the earth was flat.

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I agree with you there; they're so lucky and don't know it. I guess the saying 'you don't know what you have till it's gone' applies really well to acne and bad skin. I took my good skin for granted before acne, and now I'd do anything for it back

Another thing I find really annoying is when you're feeling down about acne and someone with clear skin who has never had a bad spot in their life says "It's just spots, stop overreacting!" GAH! They have no idea.

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