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Week Six Part Two - Day 40 To 42 (25/09/2011 To 28/09/2011)



Heyo, (*warning, bad pop-culture reference within)

Well this has been a rollercoaster of a ride! I was doing so well, with my acne appearing to clear up, and then real life comes and kicks me in the Jimmy, haha. So it turns out a diet of stress, coffee, chocolate and more coffee is not conducive to good skin. Gee, who'd a thunk it?!

My back continues to torture me, with the few Big Blind Lumps (Ha! That sounds like a really bad band name) and a few fresh ones giving me grief. I've been generously applying the BP gel to them at night, trying to kill the feckers before they start infecting the rest of me. I'm also really disheartened because my almost, almost clear chest (just a couple of scars remaining), has since had the suspicious-looking tiny red spots turn into proper pimples! Ugh. So pissed off. I've been doing all the right things with the BP gel, so I have to attribute this to stress, and probably hormones, since last week I entered the "white pill" stage. So I have a question for anyone fellow Pill-popping women (haha!): Do any of you bicycle or tricycle your pills to avoid hormonal breakouts? I am considering doing it, at least initially until things get under control; I imagine it would help because it would further regulate hormone levels.

The good news is my Selsunning the cra(-dle ca-)p out of my scalp seems to be getting the seb derm under control. Urge to scratch the skin off my hair is subsiding... The down side is I have extremely long hair, so doing any kind of regular treatment regime is a pain in the arse, and takes about an hours when you take into account the stopping and starting of "lather, rinse, repeat". Seriously, why does every single hair product need to be "rinsed and repeated"?! Why can't they either just make the stuff a little stronger, or let you lather for a bit longer? Is the first rinse stage really that important, I ask you?? Or is it a ploy so that you use it up twice as fast, hmm? Okay maybe I'm a little cynical tongue.png But anyway, I've been Selsun Golding initially to get it under control, which has worked. The down side of this is that is smells like the Fire Swamp (no ROUSes in my hair, I promise), and every time I do a sexy hair shake (ahahaha!) I'm sure everyone around my must cringe and wonder what on earth I rolled in. Ah well, I still love you Selsun! You save my skin.

In good news I re-filled my doxycycline script (yay!) so hopefully that will help bring my skin back into line. Yeah, hear that skin? Get back in line! I'm now somewhat concerned about the longevity of this treatment method though... When I go off doxy, will my acne come back worse? I've heard it can even come back with a vengeance, which would be about as fun as stabbing myself in the eyeball repeatedly with a hot poker. I'm also actually not sure when that's supposed to be, as I have 5 script refills; I need to find out from the Doc if I go through the entire course, or re-evaluate after the 8 weeks, which is coming up scarily fast.

Umm, in other non-acne related news (which is so much fun in other people's blogs, hehehe) I'm thinking fondly of my upcoming holiday, as well as doing all the normal life things that I haven't had time to do thus far, including catching up on three weeks worth of washing, cleaning the kitchen (my flatmate is domestically challenged in the cleanliness department, and as such did sweet FA whilst I was insanely busy with the Dreadline), bringing some semblance of order to my desk, etc.

So I was just putting away some clothes, and noticed my gorgeous dress from Cue for a nice dinner that didn't eventuate (sigh). I don't think I've told you guys about this dress. I bought it in a fit of low self esteem when I thought I might actually venture out into public with someone who would care how I look, and it was such an effort to find it. Everywhere I usually frequent that caters to people my age had unsuitable dresses, and the only places I could find a dress which actually covered most of my back and chest (my arms and shoulders are okay) was at the up-market name-brand establishments. So I ended up buying this gorgeous and flattering, but hideously expensive, dress which I probably won't be able to wear before it's put on the sale rack, sigh. The photo doesn't do it justice, but it's this cute feminine cut that makes someone my build (somewhat flat and boring, although considerably less flat at the moment, post-chocolate binge) look petite and girly, and the colour (mustard; the least flattering of the colour names except maybe for "puce", which sounds a little too much like you-know-what for my liking) compliments my ivory (read: pale) skin and dark features quite well, and looks lovely when cinched with the wide black leather belt I bought. Ugh! Sad again.

Actually the shopping expedition really made me realise the different *cough* styles of clothing out there, most of which aimed at my age bracket are quite revealing, not necessarily warranted. I'm by no means a prude (I've been known to "flaunt what ma Mumma gave me*" and indulge in shorty-shorts and tight dresses at times), but it does make me shake my head when I see young women revealing far too much of everything.

Well, this has turned out to be a deeply relevant, scientific blog entry! I definitely blame my lax attitude to blogging now on my incredibly entertaining "spotty friends". I will also attach more pseudo-scientific photos at a later date (probably), but I think we all know the important one is the dress wink.png

To make it slightly more appropriate, I think my back coverage this time has averaged 80**% with a few big offenders, my chest is back to 35 - 40% (sob!), and my face is at about 40% coverage, with lesions mostly on my forehead and hair line, and a smattering of others on my nose, chin and cheeks-ish. **These percentages subject to revision once I upload the photos (I'm writing this in retrospect, and am feeling pretty pessimistic). Still getting that repeat peely spot-thing on my nose which isn't healing, and I have noticed pickaxe scarring on my forehead (double sob!). Sigh, stupid skin.



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Well thats a bummer about the acne, but onto more important matters. WHAT A DRESS! Its bloody awesome and you must immediately organise an appropriate event to wear it to. Love CUE....so sophisticated.

I'm not sure how your blog entry escaped my notice until now..... I'm always a fan of blogs with fashion.... And wack job humour.....and fashion but mainly humour. But fashion too. :)

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It is so cute! I couldn't help but visit Cue again today (I have a problem, I know), and they have so much gorgeous stock! It's the kind of shop where you can pick up almost anything and instantly have wardrobe envy for all those sods out there that already own it. I resisted buying anything though; I figure I should find something to wear this one too first (sob!), before I buy another! ;)

Hahaha! "Wack-job humour", I like it! So true.

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