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Intro, My Journey With Acne Brief & Short (Kind Of... :)



Hi everyone,

Where do I begin, I've had acne almost nine years now. Right now I'm almost to a point where acne is ruling my life

and I have to get rid of it! I would consider myself to have moderate to moderately-severe acne, although obviously

my dermatologist doesn't think so. About two weeks ago, I went to visit him and he wouldn't prescribe me accutane

and that just brought my hopes of obtaining it crashing down. He thought my acne wasn't severe enough and that

the medication wouldn't affect my face at all. In a way now looking back I'm kind of relieved not to be using accutane,

cause I was scared of the side effects, if I want to be honest, but obtaining clear skin is so important to me that I'd risk

almost anything for it. I've had my hopes up and been disappointed so many times with over the counter products and

antibiotics that I'm going to expect nothing and hopefully be proven wrong. With having no expectations I don't leave

myself vulnerable to disappointment (at least that's how I look at it).

Although, not gonna lie when i use a product it usually initially makes my face worse and in that stage i'll quit or not use

it regularly like I'm supposed to. This time, reading all the reviews about retin a and clindamycin i hear its gonna take a while

to see results, that you'll initially have worse breakouts and that once your body gets use to the antibiotic that your acne will come

back. Not the greatest of news, but I'm hoping and praying everyday that something will work for me, because being surrounded by

people with clear skin just makes me yearn for it.

OK, lets jump in to how the products are working for me:

~leaves me skin oily (have to consistently dry my face)

~It's my 3rd day on the products

~haven't seen any noticeable results with my acne


i'll report back soon ttyl :D


i too have had acne for 9 years in july this year i went to see a dermatologist for the first time and she prescribed me duac gel(combination of BP and clindamycin) and trimethoprim(an antibiotic).

By the end of july my acne had cleared up completely.

What I did:


  • Wash face with 'cetaphil daily wash'
  • Let face dry by itself
  • Apply 'Duac' over entire face
  • Moisturise with 'Simple Rich Moisturiser'

    Before bed

    • Wash face with 'cetaphil daily wash'
    • Let face dry by itself
    • Apply 'Duac' over entire face
    • Moisturise with 'Simple Rich Moisturiser'
    • Take 300mg of trimethoprim

    The instruction on the packet say you should use duac once daily, but i recommend you using it morning and night as sufferes of acne need to have a topical treatment of their face all the time in my opinion.

    It has worked incredibly for me and I have had severe acne all my life and have tried every treatment(besides accutane)

    I attribute the bulk of my results to duac and vouch for it.

    try it for a month and you will be very happy

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WOW amazing, your good news gives me hope,

only problem I paid for the retin a and clindamycin and

will feel like i'm wasting my money if I don't at least give it

a couple of months.

I'm happy for you tho :)

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