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A Holistic Approach

Hello there! :)

I have been suffering from a combination of cystic and comedonal acne for more than a year now.

It all started when my personal life was falling apart, so I pretty much relate it to stress. Here's a little overview of my acne and the treatments I used.

It all started last august. Little cysctic acne around my jaw. I did not pay much heed to it. But the, it started spreading unbearably. I used some antibiotics like erythromycin and they pretty much subsided. But, i was left behind with scars.

I started massaging my face with olive oil everyday and the scars became a little less obvious. But still I felt very conscious. My face had turned from flawless to scar filled. I used to weep in my shower everyday. Little did I know it was just the beginning.

Soon after, In February, I visited the dermatologist and he prescribed me 4% hydroquinone which I used on regular basis. In a matter of a few days my skin was glowing. I was very pleased with the results and continued using it with the Bioderma 100 SPF sun protection cream.

Sometime in March I felt that my skin got a little rough and unruly, and by the time it was April, my face was literally bombarded with 100's of timy white heads. I was confused and depressed. I searched the internet for my skin condition and was caught up between folliculitis and comedonal acne. Turns out it was comedonal acne.

Exactly on April 5th, I visited the dermatologist. I was in tears. I had tried everything from salicylic acid to erythromycin to knock off the acne. The Neutogena acne wash burnt my skin and the corners of my mouth had turned red. I was a complete mess. The dermatologist prescribed me 0.1% differin with antibiotics. I had an important event coming in a months time, and I HAD to look presentable. The level of stress was extremely high. I couldn't eat nor sleep. Life felt like hell.

After using the differin for a few days, I'd a not so drastic IB and within a month my skin cleared out. Though I started developing wrinkles under my eyes [mind you, I'm just 24!] I was beyond happy and all set for the big day. Soon after the big day, my life got even more stressful. Again i started getting my bouts of anxiety and stress. By now I had stopped using differin since my skin looked red all the time and I couldn't afford my eyes getting all dry and wrinkly.

It was mid-may when I had the worst breakout ever. Huge cystic acne. I tried to dry them out with toothpaste, but that was a disaster.I was visiting my relatives and one of the kids saw me and gasped! She was like last time I met you, you looked so pretty.. and now, meh! Ugh! I shouldn't have taken it seriously, but that did effect me.. I started losing my self confidence. All I wanted to do was to be left alone. The acne was RUINING my life. I stopped meeting my friends. Became reserved and depressed. Everytime I'd look into the mirror I would get stressed out and cry. I literally stopped eating. It was the worst phase ever!

In July I thought going on an au naturel routine..apple cider vinegar, baking soda, lemon etc. The first few days where good, until my face started burning and then again, I had another attack of comedonal acne. I scrubbed my face everyday with baking soda. Which BTW should be used in moderation.. I over did it and later toned my face with Apple Cider Vinegar. My face burnt like hell. And my comdeonal acne was worse than ever.

In the end, around August I resorted to Differin again. This time I notice, my hair , eyebrows and eyelashes started falling out. Some kind of side effect of differin. I tried to be patient. But now I have realized that I cant be all scarred and bald. I might just end up looking like a wreck! My acne has reduced.. Though I have red scars all over my face now.

I have decided to cure my acne holistically by reduce stress through daily meditation and yoga. I work out everday for an hour and sweat like a pig. I have given up on dairy. And today will be the first day of my anti-acne medicine journey. I have decided not to apply anything to my face except for the cleanser and scrub. Right here I'll update my daily acne condition and upload the pictures occasionally.

Sorry for boring you with the long story! Lol.. I hope at least this works out..

I'm TIRED of looking at the mirror and getting upset. This needs to stop and I'm sure as hell determined.

Thanks for reading!

And hope your acne journey comes to its full stop soon! :)


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