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29 Days! - Makeup: Girls & Boys.



Felt really unselfconscious today which is really weird for me, but my skin looked really good! I was having problems with flaking skin but I think I've finally sussed how to stop that:

1. Wash face with face soap-any will do really.

2. Keep face wet and rub in some hydromol ointment, making sure it sinks into skin and you're not left with visible excess. I got this from my Derm instead of Aqueous and it is a lot better, although a lot greasier too so not good if you want to put on foundation (unless applying with water)

3. Moisturise face with Simple Rich Moisturiser (or good alternative) and allow to sink in. I also sometimes apply under-eye cream as my skin is a bit sensitive under there. I'm currently using an Avon free sample.

4. Apply Estee Lauder Double Wear or other good foundation. I usually do this with a brush but today did it with my fingers and it looked a lot better; more natural but with the same coverage. It was a lot easier to blend too so you don't end up with makeup lines around your jaw line. I then apply a loose powder with a soft brush before pressing a little more in with a smaller brush with more compact bristles around my face.

Et voila! My make-up lasts all day and my skin feels nice and hydrated underneath it too.

Note: If you're a boy you could think about buying Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral. It's basically a coverage up from a tinted moisturiser, so it shouldn't look like you're wearing make-up if you apply correctly and buy the right shade. Go to the counter, explain your situation and he/she will definitely understand and match your skin colour-shouldn't take 5 seconds! I know a lot of boys who wear foundation, and some don't even have acne, they just want their skin to look a little better...it's becoming the norm now!

And I'll end with this...got a ton of blackheads out my nose last night. All the big ones are gone and the rest are just little ones that don't bother me that much. Some just slid out naturally when washing my face and others I encouraged with two warm cotton tips; wasn't painful at all.


Hi there,

I was using EL Double Wear foundation a few months back and I loved the coverage and how it looked on my skin but I found it so hard to wash off. I ended up having to use makeup remover as none of my face wash lotions got it off. I'm reluctant to use it again as I'm now doing Dan's regimen which is all about 'gentle gentle gentle'. Do you do anything special to remove the foundation?

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Hi :),

It does give great coverage and I was worried about having to remove it when on Accutane but it's fine for me. Currently I use Nivea Visage Daily Essentials-Refreshing 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner with cotton pads to remove most of my makeup. Then wash my face with water and Lacura Face Care-Creamy Face Wash (it's for sensitive skin and you only need a tiny bit because it is really thick and creamy) Then before I go to bed I use a No7 Quick Thinking skin wipe to make sure it's all off around the edges of my face before applying moisturiser etc.

It doesn't irritate my skin at all because everything is for sensitive skin and is mixed with moisturiser product, and because I use a combination of face soap, cleanser and water I think it helps dilute all the products down and stop that stinging sensation you get from some cleaners and soaps.

Thanks for reading!

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