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From: Looking For Affordable Regimen Alternatives?..here Are Some Options :)



Hi Guys

So Ive been on the regimen for 6 weeks now using over counter products ( DKR goods too pricey for me with shipping) with ups and downs but with a drastic improvement overall, so thought i would share with those looking for alternatives that should be available in just about every country smile.png

I started with cetaphil face wash , followed by neutrogena extra gentle wash, both of which did not remove my foundation properly which can obviously cause extra breakouts.... then for moisturizer i was using the neutroderm ( same vibe as the cetaphil) which I found left me dry straight after moisturizing. As 2.5% BP is not available at my chemist I have been using benzac 5% BP gel for many yrs( of course apart from the full regimen it did not work as well or clear me at all which is why 6 months ago i commited to doing this properly and joined this site)

anyways longs story short a couple of days after browsing this forum I bought 2 new products and must say Im just stoked as A) The face wash removes makeup properly with just one wash nod.gif and is still great for sensitive skin and B) the moisturizer leaves skin soft and flake free for me anyways smile.png so why not try these.... Neutrogena foaming face cleanser and clean and clear dual action moisturizer - oil free(pink purple and whit tube)... they are very affordable ( in SA Rands total just over R100 for both which is really good!! )then of course I just continue with the 5% BP for regimen... along with this I take Zinc tablets twice a day and in addition to this which i believe is vital to clear skin I drink 1.5 litres of filtered water a day... If you are like me and cannot stand water crazy.gif then do yourself a favour and add a couple slices of lemon to it and try down the whole bottle first thing in the morning so you are done with it early and can get those toilet runs over with early hehehe , Now I know filtered water every day can get expensive so i invested in a big water filter so i just pour fresh water out of there each day, its a once off initial cost which down the line saves you lots of money..... just a thoughteusa_think.gif

The make up I use is Charlie colourstay in lightest colour BUFF as im very pale, over all the years this is pretty much the only base that covers everything and doesnt really break me out and when followed by the mineral powder lasts long too. feel free to follow my blog for other updates on my journey if you are keen smile.png Wishing you all the best on your journeys to clear skin... God Bless!

Source: Looking For Affordable Regimen Alternatives?..here Are Some Options :)


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