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Dry Skin....day 14



Day 14 and my face is stating to dry out, I have a few blackheads on my nose and they are raising up, I have peely bits all over my face probly should moisturise. My lips suck Ive been using Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment couple times a day seems to be a big help, chapsticks just not cutting it at the moment. Oh yeah and my scalps itchy. Gotta go to work now, just a quick update for now ...catch


Do your blackheads feel more prominent on your nose? Like you can feel every little bump? That's what it was like for me. Had blackheads all over my nose and about 5 big ones just fell out while I was washing my face! Then I tried easing some more out with two q-tips and warm water and I got so many out! My nose is practically clear :o

Good luck with the rest of your course! :)

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You know a cotton tip? It's just one of those, but make sure your face is warm so your pores are open. You'll know when it's ready to come out because it is jet black and it seems to be begging to be squeezed :lol: I went a bit overboard and my nose was red from squeezing but it was fine this morning. If you don't squeeze they'll still come out I think, some just fell out when I washed, just I like to help them along a bit.

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