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Soooo I Haven't Updated In A While!



Okay so I haven't updated in a while, but I would like to add that my acne is lessening! I am currently on package 4 of Diane35 and I definitely see a difference in my skin. I am still getting pimples but not as many as before, and they heal sooo fast it's insane.

Before I got home from school today my face was 97% clear. I only had old ones healing and 2 small active pimples. That is a huuuuge difference compared to a couple weeks ago or in the beginning of the month. Unfortunately when I came home from school and washed my makeup off I discovered a huuuuuuuuuge, and I mean HUGE pimple growing on my right cheek. I am definitely scared to see what this sucker looks like tomorrow. Right now it doesn't hurt and it just feels like a weird painless bump on my skin, but don't let that fool you. If I puff up my cheeks you can see the area turn white, so I know it's a pimple and I think it's the biggest pimple I've ever gotten in my LIFE. It's gonna hurt like nobody's business tomorrow morning.

I rubbed tea tree oil over it and then put benzoyl peroxide on top. So I am hoping that will help it not be a massive beast tomorrow morning. Hmm, besides that my face looks great! The initial breakout I got on my right side of my face is fiiiiiinally gone. Oh my GOSH it took forever to clear, like seriously. Almost 3 weeks? Or more. Now I only have 1 pimple in that area that popped this morning so it will be gone by tomorrow.

Also a new update, I said in one of my earlier entries that the girls at my school will probably have gorgeous flawless skin. Wow was I in for a shock! The majority of the girls get pimples! There are two girls in my class that never have clear skin. They're like me! They have at least one or two pimples on their face at all times. Not saying I'm happy, because I know how they feel, but it's nice to not feel like a freak.

I also stopped taking Septra/Bactrim because my month was up and I need to see the doctor so he can evaluate my skin to see if there was improvement in order to refill my prescription. Well basically Septra/Bactrim did absolutely nothing to my skin. I still had just as many breakouts as before. Kind of disappointing.

So yeah, I will try and keep this blog updated better. My life is pretty busy now I don't really have time to write big long blog entries. My boyfriend is coming over this weekend and I really really hope this huuge pimple is gone before he gets here, but I told him I got it so I doubt he'd care. He said he can't even see any pimples.. HA PLEASE. Anywaaays, I will make a quit update of how effing huge this pimple will be tomorrow morning. <3


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