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My Supplies Are Here!



So I guess this is day 1 of my regimen. I've already uploaded a couple of pictures to the gallery... They're not really all that flattering, but oh well. My acne is definitely not at it's worst right now, which I am thankful for.


My supplies came in this morning! boogie.gif

I took a picture of what I'll be using... I'm pretty excited.

I've been using Paula's Choice 1% BHA lotion for a while now (not consistently, but often), & I really do like it... But it's almost gone, & it doesn't really take care of all my pimples. I may add it back to my regimen in a month or so.

I'll probably blog every few days, & post pictures every... Tuesday, I guess?

Here goes nothing. eusa_pray.gif


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Good luck with it all. I've been using Dan's products for a week now and they are awesome. Love his moisturiser.

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