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28 Days! - 1 Month In. Tips Please!



Felt pretty down today. You know when your skin is extra tempremental and you have to walk past mirrors all day which remind you of that fact? Really wanted to get some shopping done today but decided to go home early. My skin is flaking so much around the bottom half of my face (spot-prone area) I've tried using a wet baby brush to get off excess flakes before putting on foundation, I've tried wiping gently with a cloth and using my fingers to peel it off but it doesn't work. Is this a moisturiser problem or an exfoliant problem? If I made sure it was covered thickly in moisture the night before would it be any better in the morning? Has anyone got any tips on how to remove dead skin whilst on accutane? Have I just abused the '?' button?

Had my Derm appointment this morning. She said she's really happy with my progress and said my skin's looking really good (it wasn't-foundation looked awful because my skin was so dry this morning, but it's nice of her to say anyway) She's keeping my dose at 30mg and said she might up it to 35mg next month and wasn't expecting to raise it any higher than that.

Have to go for blood tests in 2 weeks and I'm already nervous. I have a really bad phobia of needles and last time I burst out crying, and I never cry in front of people, especially complete strangers...embarrassing. Any relaxation techniques or tips on how to get rid of these nerves will be greatly appreciated! My phobia of needles is so strong that I'd rather them slit my arm or leg and get the blood from there, instead of them sticking a piece of metal into my vein. eusa_sick.gif

Oh, and today I got a present from a nurse-A URINE POT! Now I can give my urine specimen before I even get to the hospital. My life is complete lol.gif

How my skin is looking at the moment:

Amazed how quickly it has cleared up the clustered spots! :o


Hi :)

I saw your pictures in the gallery and found your log, just thought I'd check in. Your skin's looking really good in your photos, I bet it will be amazing by the time you finish your course!

I haven't done Accutane myself - was actually refused it today but that's a sad story for another time - so can't comment on the flaking skin from experience but an educated guess would be dryness. Try and keep it as moisturised as possible and stay hydrated, see how it goes. Perhaps best to be careful with exfoliating because Accutane can thin the skin and you wouldn't want to do yourself any unnecessary damage. I imagine that a regular exfoliate could be painful for skin that's sensitive and under the influence of Accutane. I'm sure plenty of people on the board will have first hand experience and tips to share so check the Accutane posts and logs and see what you can find.

I'm totally with you on the needle phobia. That was one thing I wondered about when I've been trying to get Accutane - at what point I'd end up having to get bloods done. The only things I do whenever I happen to have to face that phobia is breath, stay calm, close my eyes and look away from the needle. Maybe you can listen to some music beforehand or during, something which you enjoy so that it relaxes you and distracts you. Cliché, but just try not to worry and don't dwell on it for now because it's of no use. You can't do anything about something which hasn't happened yet so just let go of that anxiety.

I'll be sure to check in, and I wish you the very best of luck with your course.

:) Paul

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Thank you! Hopefully I won't scar, and if I do I don't think they'll be too bad.

I'll try using the baby brush method again followed by smothering my whole face with a ridiculous amount of ointment and sleeping in it. Maybe it will sink in nicely overnight and I'll see an improvement in the morning. I'll have a look at some posts as you advised!

The needle thing actually made me consider not taking accutane, my fear is that intense :/. Ohh, never thought about music, that'll probably help a lot actually. The nurses seem to feel the need to describe every little bit of the injection process, "just sliding the needle into your flesh", "sucking out your precious life fluid now", "cleaning your traumatised veins with a bouncy cotton pad". It'd be nice to block that out :lol:.

Thanks for your help Paul, and I hope the whole accutane refusal is sorted out, or something else is sorted for you! :)

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You look awesome! I'm so excited for you!

Peeling skin sucks, it can be even more embarrassing than acne itself at times..

For surface stuff i use regular clear office scotch tape and put it on the flaking areas and it lifts it right off! No pain! I use tweezers to rid of peeling skin that isn't willing to come off easy...both kind of gross i know!

Keep in mind, I don't really know if you're supposed to do stuff like that on accutane? But they have worked well for me!

You're looking gorgeous!

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The scotch tape technique is really inventive, sounds kinda fun too (I'm aware that sounds pretty strange but whatever!) but I know you're not allowed to wax while on accutane, or 6 month after being on it, because it can scar, so I should probably stay away from that one for now. Tweezers might work a little better than my fingers 'cause it might get the little stubborn flakes! Aww, thanks :D Hopefully I won't break out anymore and it will continue to get better :D Thanks for the tips too-the scotch tape thing is still interesting me :lol:

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