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Accutane Journey



Hello! I have read so many posts from accutane users and they have really helped me answer questions I had. So now I have finally started taking Accutane and hope I can give some pieces of info that may help other people as well. I started two doses of 30 mg a day last Thursday.

I was really nervous to start because I am in my best friends wedding in a couple weeks and was afraid I would break out terrible and jack up her wedding pictures. Not to mention I would never want to see them. But....so far no break outs. Before I started I had mild to moderate acne and have taken minocyclin, differen, solodyn, duac to mention a few dif meds/creams. They worked for a short period of time, but I always ended up back at the dermatologist.

So before I started I read a lot of peoples posts and they used aquaphor lip therapy and aquaphor body cream. I bought both of those and some Aveeno body lotion. I started hydarating myself drinking about 5-8 bottled waters a day, using the aquaphor at night and either Aveeno or Neutrogena face cream in the morn with SPF. I wash with Purpose at night and Clinique calming cleanser in the morning.

I also take two glucosamine vitamins with a meal to help with muscle aches (which I have not had yet) a vitamin from Herbalife (without A) and I have always taken Iron pills.

I do notice my lips have been dry but I keep plenty of chapstick and Aquaphor handy. Nose is a little dry at times and so is my throat but I just keep drinking water. I did have a bad headache the first few days after taking my pills but took some Ibuprofen and haven't had a headache since.

I am cautiously optomistic hoping I dont have a bad break out but know it may happen. Will keep posting!


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