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More Breakouts-Week 3



All the original breakouts have gone now but I have a whole new set of pimples with whiteheads!

Two days ago I thought that all the whiteheads had dried up but they're having another party so I'm not too pleased at the mess. They're mainly on my T zone. I admit that I have been touching my face too much as the skin is so dry; I've been picking and rubbing at it. I really need to stop! I'm hoping that once my skin gets more used to the BP it won't be so itchy and I won't be as tempted. The thing is, I'm not even aware of it sometimes.

I was watching some reviews on youtube and one girl on the regimen said that wearing foundation actually helped to stop her pickinig because she didn't want to mess it up. I guess it depends whether zits are caused by the makeup or the picking! There's no way I can wear foundation anyway as my skin is cracking so much. I just got some jojoba oil so I will add a little to my moisturiser to see if it helps. Previously when I was on the regimen I used the basic moisturiser from Naturally Thinking but they must have changed the formula as it's thicker and greasier than I remember. It's also not mixing well over the BP. So, but I went ahead and ordered Cetaphil gentle cleanser and moisturising cream from Lloyds Pharmacy (not seen it in the shops here). I was going to try Dan's cleanser and moisturiser but went for the cheaper option! It's about £21 including delivery.

I went out for the first time without any makeup today! Up to now I'd been dusting a little powder foundation over the red areas but I went out whiteheads and all to drop my daughter off at nursery and then traipsed to the supermarket. No one said anything of course but I felt a bit self conscious; however, I did survive and I'm proud of my small achievement.


Congrats on your achievement of going out with no makeup...I know exactly how you feel!

Just to let you know my experience with products, I'm into week three of the Regimen and in the first week I used Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser, along with 2.5% BP from the chemist but I found it very gloopy and left a thick layer of glug on my skin. On the days I had to wear foundation (if i was seeing clients) there was no way I could have worn it over the top of the regimen. So I took a risk and ordered Dan's products (I live in Australia) and what a difference...everything absorbs really well, and I love his moisturiser, but best of all, when I need to, I can wear foundation over the top. So to me, the extra cost is well worth it.

Anyway, thats my experience. I wish you all the best, and keep getting your face out there in public. You and me both! haha.....

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Thanks for your comments, I have been following your blog too! Your skin is looking amazing now!

I'm not sure how the cetaphil will work but I might as well give it a try as it's available in the UK. If it's no good I am definitley ordering Dan's cleanser and moisturiser. Keep up the no-makeup bravery, I will think of you each time I go without! x

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