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Accutane Day 90



Day 90! 3 month mark - can't believe it.

So, as i posted in my last post, I'm on 30 mgs. once a day now until I can get a prescription for the next round from my derm - who i won't get to see until Friday. Actually, I like being on the 30 mgs. My dry hands have healed completely and are soft again, my lips are definitely less peely to the point that I can go through the day with only a couple reapplications of aquaphor, and I'm generally less tired. So, definitely feeling the difference, but ready to go back to the higher dosage so that I can be done altogether!

I'm really happy with accutane right now. Haven't had any new breakouts since my last posting and redmarks seem to be healing. Even the bumps along my jawline seem to be diminishing. I'm feeling very confident that within another month, I will be completely clear!!! I can't believe it.

Only frustrations - 1. the pores on my nose and in the t-zone just seem so huge - I guess they spent so much time clogged that they aren't used to being clear. So, whenever I put on makeup, it kind of sinks into the pores and doesn't look smooth. I hope this goes away with time! Also, that red bump on my nose is still there. It really is the weirdest thing. It's not popable and it isn't going away! What is this thing?

Scheduled to begin my period next week, so it may be a rough week for my skin - also going away on vacation to a hot place in a couple weeks. Anxious about my skin and how it will be to stay with a bunch of people without letting them see that my skin is such a mess. I mean no pimples, but lots and lots of redmarks! Bleh. FML.


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