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Day 6 - Differin + Aczone



I'm using a combo of Differin and Aczone. Differin at night and Aczonein the morning.

I was washing twice a day with sulfur wash - but now I'm washing with Cetaphil in the morning.

My skin is drying - flaky. But I don't mind. The bumps are drying up as well.

I tried to pop one of the remaining bumps and it turned into a pretty big bump with an obvious infection.

If that wasn't there - my skin would be mostly zit free - but still bumpy due to scabs and dry patches.

I've given up non-organic dairy and cut down on sugar and drinking lots of water.

And I'm not popping anything! I've learned my lesson.

My regimen:

Morning: Allergy pill, pro-biotic, fiber + Cetaphil and Aczone

Mid-Day: Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamin, Zinc 50mg

Evening: Antibiotic, pro-biotic + Sulfer wash and Differin

Eventually I'm going to have to put on moisturizer. The one time I did overnight I broke out - so no more of that. It's useless anyway since I wake up and wash my face - which makes it dry again. I have cetaphil for sensitive skin. I'm also in the market for a humidifier for overnight use.

I'm hopeful but also mindful that I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch.

I'm calling my dermatologist today to get the results of my hormone tests. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully - they're totally out of whack and the cause for my acne. That would be a different treatment that would be much less expensive than my current one.

I'm a little worried about scarring - but before this breakout my skin was resilient to scarring.

I'm doing everything I can to ensure I come out of this with the best skin of my life - and a better attitude.

I had lost the notion of being grateful of not taking anyone or anything for granted.

This struggle has given me the opportunity to dive back into myself and attempt to understand what my life is and where I'm going with it.

All of us - every single person surfing around this website - will have clear skin, eventually.

But more importantly - if we're mindful of our suffering ... to become content regardless of our appearance - all of us, every single person surfing around this website - we'll be better people.

We are suffering - despite the apparent vane and egotistic nature of our suffering - we know it's much deeper than that (deeper than skin deep). Keep your eyes on the light at the end of the road, avoid mirrors if you have to, spend time with people who don't care what you look like, spend time alone - do whatever you have to do.

I'm kicking acne in the balls - actually - I'm cutting off its balls and sending it on its way - never to return.

I'm winning this battle and I'm also winning this war.

Eyes on the light.


I feel that you are frustrated and I understand your frustration. I myself tried vitamin A analogs which is what differin is (adapalene) and I don't know what aczone is. Personally, I found it very drying and ineffective. Touching acne makes it worse because oils on your hands get transferred to your face. I know avoiding touching is easier said than done. Try a benzoyl peroxide product. It will cause a bit of drying too but is available over the counter. 2.5% or 5% is fine but 2.5% is just as effective with less side effects (burning, stinging, dryness, irritation).

I follow a pharmacists blog at www.doesproactivwork.org and I'm not saying Proactiv is a good product but its been working for me. He talks about other types of acne too and he himself battled acne so do check it out

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I used benzoyl peroxide for about a month and a half, and it did absolutely no good. Actually it made my acne worse. 

I have been prescribed aczone in the morning, doxycycline pill in the afternoon, and differin at night (and neutrogena makeup wipes) and so far it is clearing up my skin, but I have been experiencing some mild burning beside my chin and beside my eyebrows (my temples) definitely something I can handle, but definitely something i don't want to handle. Also lots of redness on my cheeks! 

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