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27 Days! - Spots Are Like Pringles



I'm typing this while looking down at my hands. I have weird little bumps right across the dorsal side, between my thumb and forefinger ('dorsal' being the scientific term for top of a hand cool2.gif, and thumb and forefinger being...my thumb and forefinger.) They look a little like spots but I've been told it's eczema. It isn't painful or anything so I'm not fussed, it just looks like I have lots of freckles.

Have a spot on the right side of my chin which feels like a bruise. I'd think it was one if there wasn't a little head there. My face is quite sore everywhere really, which is probably my own fault for squeezing out ones that were 'ripe'. Spots are like Pringles, "once you pop you can't stop!", but I will try to resist squeezing and give my skin a rest. Keep forgetting I'm actually on Accutane and should be careful what I do. I think it's my way of encouraging it to work quicker, even though it's more likely causing it to do the opposite.

Thinking of joining the gym and getting fit. It might help me internally while the Accutane helps me externally. I could look totally fresh and new after 4 months and feel great, making it all worth while. If I just cut out chocolate from my diet I'd be fine but I swear I'm addicted...might go get some now actually eusa_silenced.gif.

I'll upload some more pictures of my progress later on, simply because there's not been too much change recently and it might be better to space it out because any visable changes will be more obvious.


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