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First Blog Ever - Be Gentle.



Hey all, forgive me Im pretty computer illiterate or as my mate Jon calls me a N00B ( for some reason he uses zeros,IDK???). Ive had crappy skin since I was about 18 im 25 now and it only seems to get worse with age. After tryin everything over the counter, antibiotics... Well u all know where im goin with this to cut it short I went to the derm and got put on accutane (oratane). Ive been takin it for 11 days now, i was crazy nervous takin the first few but I got em down. The first day I took one in the morning. (Wait up I'm on 20mg twice a day).. so I took the first one went to work finished round 4 I had a little bit of a headache, by the time I dropped my girlfriend at work at 6 had a massive migraine, I couldn't stand to be around anything, any noise or light really annoyed me and made it worse. So I had a snooze instead of taking the second one, woke up in the morning and had a lil headache not that bad so i was a bit scared to take another one cos the night before was so stink. But took it anyway and I was fine, I reckon it was just a coicindence that I had a migraine that night. No real side effects yet, I was real anxious the first few days ya know expecting the worst. My ears felt weird for a bit like inside them but thats gone now, I keep blowin my nose and getting dry bloody boogers n my lips are real dry, they crack if I don't keep on em with the lip balm. Also my skin looked amazing for the first week no new bumps poppin up anywhere, but in the last couple of days startin to get a few little ones and one big prick on the side of my nose but its weird the big one isn't sore at all??? Ok so thats how im goin, so I'll keep on it and keep ya posted.. catch.

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