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Week Six Part One - Day 36 To 39 (22/09/2011 To 26/09/2011)



Good Evening, hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.

Well... I survived the dreaded deadline... Barely. At least the scarring from the experience won't be noticeable in comparison to my existing scars wink.png Since I last wrote I had one more night of <4 hours sleep, and then even after the deadline had passed I still had issues sleeping for the first couple of nights. But last night I slept in until 2 pm!! 'Twas awesome, totally worth it. So the house is a mess, I subsisted on tomato pasta and chocolate for a week, and I was getting to the bottom of the clean-clothes pile... But I survived!

In this time my back has decided to wage civil war, and has cropped up more new lesions on my shoulders and upper to mid-back range. My face is equally disappointing, with my hairline and forehead being the main focus of attention. Joy(!). And in all the stress I ran out of antibiotics, and didn't have time to fill the next script, so I've now been two days without taking the doxy. Stupid! So tomorrow that has to be my first priority; get that script (and the next Epiduo script too) filled!

So this last two weeks or so have definitely not helped my skin; I don't think many dermatologists would recommend subsisting on coffee, chocolate, tomato pasta and a healthy dose of stress for a prolonged period. I was surprised by the relapse (is that the word?) on my back though, I would've thought that the antibiotics would've prevented any new infections from forming? ...Bearing in mind that the fresh breakout started before I'd run out of doxy tablets. So that's a little disappointing. I know there are ups and downs in any "journey", but I guess with the progress on my chest and stuff I was still hoping for smooth sailing. Speaking of which, today I noticed tiny red spots on my chest, they better not be freaking acne spots! If I start breaking out on my chest again I am going to be severely unhappy. In addition to this, my scalp has joined the skin party at my expense, and flared up. So hard not to scratch!! I'm not sure if I've mentioned (i.e. complained) about that yet, but as of about two years ago I periodically get seborrheic dermatitis (or "seb derm" to those people in the know wink.png). It seems to be reasonably common to get this together with acne ...maybe it's lucky it's taken me this long to get acne as well?

So next weekend I head off for a bit of a holiday with friends and family (which I desperately need), but a tiny bit of me is not looking forward to facing my family and friends like this. Going from clear skin to this is a bit confronting, and normally I wouldn't have thought twice about putting on my bikini and going for a swim, but now I'm so self conscious about my back I'll probably have to put on a shirt. Maybe I can use sun exposure as an excuse? Hmm.

Taking my regime with my might be interesting too... "Excuse me guys, I've just got to slip off, pop some pills and lather on various creams and lotions which bleach my clothes, don't mind me!". Bah. Stupid skin.

Oooh, new option to attach pictures! Might have to give it a go.

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