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Week 3 And A Red Face!



I've just started week 3 of the regimen and my skin has cleared a lot, at present there are only 6 medium zits and some tiny ones. I still don't feel confident though as my face is so red, itchy and flaky. The last couple of days have been especially bad in the morning. Both days I've had to wash the BP and moisturiser off completely as it burned so much it was unbearable. I think I will continue with the BP at night but give it a break in the morning. I'm using half a finger's length of panoxyl 2.5 in the evening so it's not that much yet.

Now that things have cleared up more I've started noticing hundreds of little red marks from old spots. I'm not worrying too much about them yet until I get clear. In future I would like to try Dan's AHA. Many years ago Garnier used to make an AHA moisturiser which was brilliant but they disontinued it after a year or so; I hope Dan's will be as good. I really wish he would sell stuff via someone in the UK (Hey Dan, maybe you could let me do it!!) so that we wouldn't have to shell out for high postage and customs. I would love to try the whole range.

Make-up wise I have cut down on my usage as it won't work over this mega dry skin. I can get away with a light dusting of powder foundation and it's not breaking me out. I'm using The Barbara Daly one from Tesco and it gives a good coverage for me to feel ok enough to go out in public but it's not perfect. I don't dare use too much for fear of the cakey face look.

I'm still using the green tea spray a few times a day and drinking 2-3 cups as well. I think my skin cleared up much faster after I introduced it so I will continue with it. To re-hydrate my skin I've found a way to make a non irritating face mask (it doesn't require scrubbing or rinsing off). I got some compressed face masks and dipped them into green tea. They are thin cloths shaped like a mask and are compressed into a little tablet. When you stick one into fluid it expands and you can open it out and put it on. After a few minutes you can remove it-no mess at all! Have a look on ebay. You can use any liquid with them, like milk/dilute lemon juice/cucumber juice etc as there is no product inbedded within them.

I'm also trying to drink more water. I have an Android app on my phone which reminds me to drink and it shows a graph for how well I've done. It's noticeable that my skin gets worse when I drop below 5 glasses a day so I must remember to keep it up!


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