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Tca 10% Peel



So I've been clear of acne but I'm still left with my scars and PIH. I've started doing glycolic peels again for about 4 weeks now and havn't really seen results, so yesterday I did my first TCA peel.

I got makeupartistschoice.com's 30% peel and diluted it to 10%. The peel stung a bit but nothing too uncomfortable, and I left it on for about 3 minutes. There wasn't any frosting but it's my first time and I didn't want to do a second layer or a stronger peel and risk causing more damage.

This morning I woke up and my skin looks completely normal, other than it feeling very slightly tight. I don't know if I can attribute this to the peel since it hasn't even been 24 hrs but I;m telling you my skin looks amazing! My PIH is lightened and my scars look more shallow. I'm guessing that this is the result of maybe a bit of post peel swelling and could go back in a day or 2 but this makes me excited regardless, and am hoping this is foreshadowing of good things to come :)


More or less yes you're correct.. that sounds like initial swelling. It's a timely process to heal scars. it takes time for new collagen to regrow, however, if your scars aren't so bad you can expect some good results. Once you move up in higher % peels you will probably see more noticeable changes. In any aspect.. good luck! Hope it works out for you! Take care.

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OnCMommy, I was really scared too but as long as you follow instructions exactly you shouldn't have to worry. Also, it seems a good thing I had been doing glycolic peels because the instructions even suggested you do for a few weeks before TCA as it "primes" the skin and I guess lessens the risk for unwanted results.

So maybe try taking baby steps and do a few glycolic acid peels first, then like I did do a low strength TCA the first time.

good luck!

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