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Day 8 & 9



I can resist everything except temptation. (Wilde)

Skin is on the up and up. I have been a little mischievous, I've had chocolate (shock, horror, shock). But such is the price you pay for going home. I think that, and the absurd amount of compliments one receives from relatives. They've all commented on how 'healthy' my skin and hair looks. I'm happy they noticed. However, there is such a thing as too many compliments, and my family kind of crosses that line. It comes across as fawning. Excessively nice. Overwhelmingly benevolent. My mother especially. I mean she has good intentions, but she lacks social tact, she's the type that would proudly tell a stranger about how I once won a participation ribbon in an athletics carnival, without flinching. It is a cardinal rule of youth that one can always complain about one's parents even when they are close to perfect. Oh, you don't know what it's like being male, middle class and white. tongue.png

My Dad is a beekeeper. I bet you don't know anyone who can claim that! So, I've been helping him move bee boxes off his truck. I've also started jogging outside (thanks for the inspiration, you-know-who). Running along the beach is tough, the sand kind of absorbs everything and makes it twice as difficult. But its really nice to run along something besides a street, or the gym where Bieber is belted out on 6 different LCD TV's. Sadly I'm getting less sun, because the weather is overcast down here. However I have been Selsunning, and I'm considering drinking Green Tea, because my folks have a box and I've heard it's good (another anti-inflammatory). I can't remember if I actually like Green Tea though, I'm thinking probably not. Maybe I can add a tonne of honey (hardy ha ha ha).


Hahahah!! I love this entry! My family is exactly the same; supportive to a fault... but I wouldn't have it any other way ;) Although it does get embarrassing when Mum starts telling work colleagues, friends or anyone on the street who stands still long enough to listen about how we started swimming/reading/writing at this age, or how one of us won that prize when they were that old, etc... I feel your pain!

I am a big Ben Folds fan. One of my favourite songs of his is his cover of the Dr. Dre song; it's one of the best like-a-versions I've heard, and so deceptively melodic.

Beach running, wow! I don't think I could last very long. That's pretty hard core, I'm impressed and a tad jealous. ...And so proud of you, you're doing so well!!

Muahaha! Sorry, couldn't resist! ;)

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Ha ha, I've never heard this Dr. Dre cover. Sounds amusing. What's it called? Yeah, Ben Folds and Regina Spektor are two of my favourite pop/alt pianists. Oh and Bellamy from Muse of course!

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Okay the notifications system on the .Org need some tinkering. You haven't heard it? Wow. Prepare to have your life changed for the better; your street cred is about to go through the roof my friend. It's called "Bitches Ain't Shit". I hope I don't get booted for profanity. Do they boot you for that?

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Did you like it? It's one of my favourite songs of his. I love the melody, and I love how he takes something so heinous (and tuneless) and turns it into something funny and beautiful.

...I mean, it's nuff jah bro.

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Oh god, I LOVE Ben Folds' cover of that song. He's my lover you know.... Ben Folds that is not Dr Dre. Ben comes to me every night when I close my eyes. He's quite romantic like that.....

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I think I'd be quite disturbed if Dr Dre came into your room at night when you closed your eyes!

...But Ben Folds I completely understand. Now I've got Steven's Last Night In Town in my head!

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