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Day 7



Some people never have acne. What truly horrible lives they must lead. (perverted Bukowski)

So my skin looks quite nice today. My seb derm is still fading. I have a bit around the creases of my nose, that one place that seems an impossibility to get rid of. Because I've been applying selsun quite frequently and I think it's a little comedogenic (or if not, the simple act of having to apply it could be aggravating my skin) I can feel this pimple becoming prominent, right on the edge of my nose. That has to be the second most painful place to have one, right behind the edge of your lips. I still have a few red marks, and my skin, especially my forehead, is pretty really oily; I'm always surprised that people don't stop to check their makeup in my face... Let's accentuate the positive. My skin is pretty clear. Neutrogena could be calling soon. grinwink.gif

I'm packing today. I've decided to take my iMac, is this slightly weird? Yes. But my parents (God Bless their simple souls) have their computer in the dining area, and it's a decrepit Dell. If I want to get anything done, I will need a quiet space where my mother is less likely to chat to me about Jesus, the weather, or the state of her bowels. So the iMac is a must. I'm not looking forward to the trip down, driving for 6 hours is never truly a pleasure. But it is some time alone, and a good time to catch-up on my music listening. Maybe I should download an audiobook or something.

I also went in to university and attended my tutorial. On the way home, I straggled onto the bus (my legs are still sore from a workout a few days ago), and sat towards the back. The guy sitting across from me with his girlfriend, had really bad acne. In that moment I could nearly feel his agony. The tense, red inflamed skin, I flinched and was almost overwhelmed with empathy. I think sometimes life throws you these powerful images just to remind you of the denser, more complex array of pixels that underlies it.


hi, i read all of your posts but... and this might sound strange and idiotic, what are you taking?

I mean, are you on the regimen or are you taking accutane?

Might be my megasmall brain talking but I couldn't find it anywhere.

And I hate people that never have a single pimple... I always wish that I had a Pimple Pokemon that could blast a zitray so that I could blast some of the gorgeous people I hate.

I have 2 beautifull cousins. They both have (undoubtedly) the most gorgeous skin I have ever seen. I mean, it's impeccible. They don't even have one black head and they don't use make-up, they clearly don't have to.

So when I was 14 I started getting acne. Every summer I would go to mu cousins beach house with them. So they laughed at me for having acne and would always jump at the opportunity to ridicule me.

It's THEN that I made up my imaginerary Pokéfriend Pomple the pimple pokémon with his zitray.

haha, sorry, just felt like sharing.

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Hey Zits inc.

I'm with you on that, my younger sister until recently had flawless skin. It used to make me so angry. Ha ha, how could genetics be so cruel? But then she started getting pimples, and now she comes to me for advice. So does my other sister. Karma's a bitch, eh. But at least through all the pain I can pass on some knowledge.

I love pokemon (who doesn't?!), and I think pimple pokemon is a great idea. Ha ha.

Sorry I know I haven't exactly outlined my regimen, but this blog is really for particularly abstaining from processed sugar. Thankfully my acne isn't that bad that I'm on 'tane, but a lot of what I'm doing is also to treat my dermatitis.

My regimen is a little complicated. But I'll try and break it down.

For acne:


  • Water
  • Little to no dairy (I still have my morning coffee with milk, will try and kick this habit soon)
  • No processed sugars (especially energy drinks, and soft drinks, which is really what I'm working on abstaining from)
  • Zinc
  • Fish Oil
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Multivitamin

    • Just AHA+ at nights

      For seborrheic dermatitis:


      • As above plus UV exposure (sunlight!)


      [*]Selsun Gold

      [*]Selsun Blue (for my hair)

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ah okay, now I understand.

I hope you stick with the diet!

I have a diet quit like yours, but not consiously.

I'm allergic to dairy (not lactose intollerant, something else) so no dairy for me

I don't drink softdrinks, just because I don't really like them, I just make sure that I drink 2 liters of water a day.

I'm a vegetarian, so I don't take fish oil (that's where we differ).

Because I'm a vegetarian, my docter told me that I should take vitamin B complex. So once in a while I do.

And I used to take zinc, but my docter told me that for me, it wouldn't make a difference so I stopped.

So, good luck with your diet, I really hope you stick with it!

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Ok, so I nearly wet myself over "where my mother is less likely to chat to me about Jesus, the weather or the state of her bowels". Bahaha....you're a crack up....

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