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compliments? whut?

Zits inc.


When I have a bad skin day (you know, just like a bad hair day but with skin) my mom would always say: "wow honey, your skin looks really bad. You have alot of acne today. What happened?" So my reaction is:"wtf? I can't help it. Fuck off"

Every freakin day she would mention it (preferabbly at the table with my whole family when we have family diners with my grandparents and my aunts and uncles). And when she didn't mention it she would give me "the look". You know, looking up and down your face and then sighing. That start to weigh you down and shatters your confidence.

Today, however, she gave me a compliment. The accutane must really be working if it has made my mom give me a compliment. This of course happened, again, at the diner table with my whole family. So she said "are you taking those pills again to get rid of your bad acne?"

My family had no idea I was taking "dangerous" pills for a vain reason so I got a shower of questions and saying that it probably wasn't smart of men to take those pills in light of all the side-effects.

A good thing never comes alone....

anywho, seems like things are slowly clearing up. I still have a lot of zits on the right side of my face, the side I sleep on. Maybe that's connected.

I have zits in my neck as well, never had that before accutane.

Itchyness is less and flakyness as well, though not gone.

Just hope it's only getting better from here on.


Hi, totally have had my mom do this to me, to the point where family members then think it's okay to openly talk to me about this, as if I need acne advice. I know they're not trying to hurt me and maybe I'm the only one that feels so weirded out by it, but if it really bothers you I'd at least try talking to my mom in private and letting her know that I feel very self-conscious when she does that to me, and that you'd appreciate it if she didn't do it in front of others. If that doesn't work, at least ya tried right.

I've been on Accutane for a little over 4 months now and my face is completely different. When I look at old pictures of myself I want to cry, so I know what it's like to start seeing that improvement. Trust me, it will only get better and better. Take pictures so that you don't take your improvement for granted, and perhaps try to wash your pillows every week, maybe that'll help too.

I was happy to read your post, good luck to you!! =D

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and yes, i have tried talking to my mom about it but she just waits for a couple of weeks and then she forgets we ever had that conversation and does it all over again. sucks, but hey, what doesn't kill you....

and I'm glad someone reads this.

Thanks for the comments!

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