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Week Five part two - day 32 to 35 (18/09/2011 to 21/09/2011)




Hello All,

An extremely busy week (what weekend?!), with an average of about four or five hours sleep a night for the last six nights, and the dreaded deadline (yeah there's a reason it's called that) looming meant I have had a relapse on my back (and especially shoulders), which was previously starting to look better. Oh and my chin tells me my face hasn't gone unscathed either. I missed one morning doxy tablet during that time because I was too queasy to take it (lack of sleep and food'll do that), but I'm attributing the setback to lifestyle and hormones, rather than missing one pill. Which reminds me, I need to fill the next script.

Okay technically I have been eating... Whatever's in the fridge/freezer; so there's been lots of coffee, tomato pasta and cheese, more coffee, crispbread, coffee again, chocolate and coffee to finish off. Which I'm sure doesn't help. And will probably give me scurvy, but hey, acne's worse ;)

So all in all an incredibly fun week! On the bright side, I got it in, and now the next deadline isn't unti- Oh wait. 35 hours away. Sigh.

On a side note, I lost it the other day when someone asked me with sympathy in their eyes "So how's it going?" for the forty-second time that week. Seriously?! Every one in the office asks me that even though it's written plainly on my face how not well I'm going, and after the tenth time that day you just want to stab someone when they do. I think I turned around and growled "It's shit, leave me alone!" the last time, haha! Which is pretty out of character for me. I do not do well with lack of sleep! ;)

Speaking of which, I better hit the hay. I'll post a proper update later with progress and stuff, and I will also add more photos. I promise. I know, I know, I promised last time, but I will! I think I'm ten days behind, that'll be fun(!).

By the way, it's getting warm and so when I did a short jog today (first in days), my socks were extra evil and bunched under the ball of my feet / toes even sooner than usual (after about 1.5 km!), stupid things.


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