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Day 6



And so another day. A kind of windy and humid one at that. I have this massive to-do list going on, but no motivation to actually do most things on there. I'm kind of having one of those days. I just want to go home for the break. Not worry about cooking or cleaning or laundry for a while, just fast-forward through the next couple of dull days. eusa_boohoo.gif

I grew up close to the beach, which I always seem to miss. There's something so magnetic about the ocean, it's all-encompassing and powerful and yet reassuring and peaceful. As if I could through myself into it and for that brief moment in time forget, and let the pressure, the resounding sound of nothing, consume me entirely.

I did get paid today. Which is always a positive. So I stocked up on my vitamins (namely zinc and my multi) and I bought some clothes. Oh and a USB stick (why on earth would you place a tiny USB stick in a package at least 20 times its size and then claim "more green, less plastic"). My skin looks ok today, the red marks still seem to be fading and I HAVE NO ACTIVE PIMPLES (at the moment), however, I did get a couple in the last two days that I promptly popped. So my skin is still healing. I'm thinking about getting some aloe vera, which I've heard is good for seb derm, and no doubt for the inflammation and redness of acne as well. Actually I might steal some off my folks (hehe).

I'm thinking I feel a little down because it's a Wednesday which means my roommate (the one that's my best-friend) will have his girlfriend over for the next couple of days. Which means more time by myself (yay). Although I really get along well with her, so I can't complain too much. Anyway, onwards to my important tasks...


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