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week 2 regimen, adding green tea



So furious, spent ages writing my blog and it just disappeared!! Going to shorten this entry now.

My skin has shown improvement in week 2. The original breakout has gone but a new one has taken it's place. Although not as severe, it's still quite bad. I have had several whiteheads, big red spots around my mouth and a hard cyst under my jaw. My skin overall is very red, tight, dry and flaky, as if I've had a chemical peel. Not a good look! Makeup definitely doesn't work but I can get away with a tiny amount of concealer on some of them. I have had to burst the whiteheads though as I need to see other human beings during the day and I can't face letting anyone see them in their full glory.

Given up on the panoxyl 10 wash for now, it was far too irritating at this stage, perhaps later I will give it a go once my skin looks less raw.

I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and had been suffering with severe indigestion. My mum suggested that I had been eating too much sugar and that I should try green tea. She was totally right, I had been eating more sweet food lately and the tea calmed down my stomach a lot. As a result I have been googling green tea and read reviews on makeup alley and acne.org. It turns out that it's good for acne too if you drink and apply it to the skin. Yesterday I drank 3 cups and sprayed it on my face after washing/before BP. This morning my skin looked so much better, the spots had shrunk a lot! It got me thinking about something that happened about 12 years ago. I was living in Taiwan for a year ( I studied Chinese at university) and my skin was completely acne free. As soon as I returned to the Uk it all came back again. I thought it might be to do with diet or climate but maybe it's to do with tea as well. When I was there almost 95% of what I drank was tea. In Taiwan they are tea crazy and everywhere you go you can try different varieties, even in 7-eleven! I am going to re-start this habit, although I can't go too mad since I am pregnant. Will probably limit myself to 3-4 cups a day.


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