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Day 8 (5)



Dearest Seb Derm and Acne Gods,

I come before you, meekly, and confess that I have binged on the forbidden fruit, skinny dipped in the holy waters, and played poker upon the altar. If it so pleases you, could you please not break me out, hold back your wrath upon your wicked child. I repent from my unholy lifestyle, and seek only your blessings, from now on I will endeavour to please you in every way.

Humbly, nay, Subordinately,


Like all addicts, I blame everyone else. You see it was the university administration, for putting my thursday morning class at 8 am (the most ungodly of hours), with less sleep I had to sit through a stupidly boring CEO blatantly advertising his company to us naive science students, and then through a full explanation of the fetal development of the lung (which was actually kind of interesting) but was not relevant to our course. So I fell short. Then the weekend hit. Let's move on...Nothing to see here people...

So now, it's day 8, but I will count it only as day 5. I will try and sit outside again today, the temperature has been skyrocketing lately and it has been sunny. Despite my transgressions my skin is actually looking a little better (irony!), the patches on the left and right hand sides around my nose are fading. But they are not completely gone, my skin still has that other-worldly reddish texture, and I'm not sure how long that takes to go. I have been good in other ways, I've been taking my vitamins and selsunning daily. So that, along with a little less stress, has probably been helping.

So here's to the hope of a clean week (raises non-sugar, non-dairy beverage), and to the mercy of the seb derm and acne gods!


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