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accutane week 1&2

Zits inc.


flakyness....... yay.....

So, I allready used accutane once before. Had clear skin for exactly one week.

Now, the first time around, I thought my face was going to die. My face wasn't just flaking but real pieces of flesh were coming off. My face was constantly blood red because I had pieces of skin missing. It hurt ALOT because... I had pieces of skin missing, that tends to hurt. It was awefull and I looked awefull for almost four months.

And then the joy that my accutane time was over was sooooo great. The dissapointment that the awefull four months of pain were in vain was greater.

Also, something really uncomfortable that came with the pain was that my face sweats uncontrollably. Really, ALOT and constantly. It was absolutely embarrasing.

So, I just went back to an ointment against zits (something like bp but much stronger, made especially by the pharmasist). But when it became worse and worse I went back to my dermatologist and begged for a treatment other than roaccutane (that's accutane). She said no. The only thing that would work was accutane. So I said; but it doesn't work! So illogically she prescribed me for the same treatment with the same dosage but from another brand...

I really hope that it's going to go differently this time and won't hurt this much. AND that this time, it's going to work.

ARGH.... depression

Anywho, I'm up to the second week of accutane and the flakyness has fully begon. It's going exactly like the first time so I'm really scared that I'm going to have to start my second year of university like the first year, fugly and sweaty. MAN, that would SUCK.

btw, I'm a 19 year old girl, never had a real boyfriend and I blame it on the acne.

I really want to have clear skin. Is that so bad?


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