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The rules of having acne

Zits inc.


Okay so, I am entering the sixth year of having acne and in those years I have tried alot and learned alot. I have set up a set of rules that someone with acne MUST follow. These rules prevent you from making your acne worse yourself. So these rules won't get rid of your acne but they make sure you won't make it worse.

here I go

1. NEVER use products that don't say "non-comedogenic", I mean it. If you are going to use something on your face (or back if you have backne) your product must(!) say "non-comedogenic".

Comedones are the black points mostly on your nose and cause zits. So "non-comedogenic" means that your product wont clog your pores and create even more zits. This doesn't mean that it will prevent you from getting zits or black points, it just won't cause you from making your own zits. If you use a product that doesn't say "non-comedogenic" the product will most definately give you even more zits than you allready have. So watch out when you buy make-up or cremes.

ps: If it says "without parabens" it's good as well, it's the second best thing to "non-comedogenic"

2. ALWAYS disinfect your skin, aspecially when you have just popped a zit. When you pop a zit, your skin has a mini wound, this wound will, over just a couple of hours, infect and become a nasty yellow-headed zit. This is why you always have to disinfect after you pop. Disinfectants usually also dry out your skin (you have special types of disinfectants which dry out your skin even more, this makes wounds crust alot faster) which in return will prevent some zits from coming out.

3. Red means no, yellow means go. So, people always say you should never pop your zits which is true. Popping zits may cause scarring on your face and as opposed to zits, scars never go away. You have undoubtetly seen people on the street with scarring that looks like alot of holes in your face, this is not fun to have, so be carefull with the popping. Of course, I pop my zits because I would never walk out of my front door with this huge vulcano on my face ready to burst. So I pop, but I follow this rule: when a zit is still red, stay away. When you pop a red zit, you will just make it worse. The skin around a red zit is still tight and not ready to be popped. So when you pop it, the skin will brake and tear an even larger wound. This will look alot worse than before and in return will probably infect and become an even larger zit. If the zit allready has a yellow (nasty) head, you can carefully pop it. The skin around a yellow zit is much looser and probably won't tear. The zit will just have the same size as before but without a yellow head. Af course, disinfect after.

4. Wash twice a day. When you have acne, it is utterly important that you wash your face at least twice a day with a specially developped wash cream for people with acne. I use "Boreade" and I think it's amasing. But of course you have to find the perfect one for your skin. Don't just go and buy some but test it out, go to the pharmacist or dermatologist and ask for some samples. Remember rule number one when you do this.

5. Don't trust anything that isn't made especially for acne prone skin. You often read things in magazines that give you recipes for homemade skin care products. These are often things like fruits and oatmeal and whatever. Don't use those things. These ingrediënts aren't made especially for people with acne. These products are meant for people who allready have perfect skin but want to play around a bit. Cremes that are prescribed by a docter are made in labaratories and every ingredient used in those products are chosen because they don't cause zits.

6. Watch out what you eat. There are alot of rumours that chocolate gives you zits. This is proven that it isn't true. But you should of course not eat 5 bars everyday. Watch out for deep fried food. Never eat deep fried foods more than once a week. This makes your skin greasy and causes zits. This is because the greas from deep fried foods is harder for your liver to process. And since your liver is directly linked to your skin I would really watch out. Also, drink alot of water. Everybody should drink at least two liter of water a day just to be healthy. It sometimes is because people don't drink water but drink soft drinks that they get acne. It's also proven that when you drink your two liter a day, it makes your skin softer and cleans it out a little, the pores get smaller so your skin looks cleaner. Also a fun fact with drinking your two liters a day: you get skinnier because when you drink so much water, it makes you less hungry and you crave junkfood less. Just try to replace everything you drink by water. It makes you feel so much better, believe me, I know. It's hard at first to push yourself to drink so much water but in a couple of weeks it becomes an addiction, a healthy addiction. Note: never go over three liters a day, you will get water poisoning. Yes, it's possible. You will almost litterally drown your liver.

7. Get your sleep. I am a harcore festival lover. I don't know if you know this but Belgium is the number one festival country. Look it up, we have at least one festival a day in the summer. So when I go to my favourite festival "Rock Werchter" which is four days in a row where you don't sleep for five nights, I always come back with such bad skin. It looks absolutely awfull. Really... So, my conclusion, make sure you get eight hours a night.

8. Never wipe, always dab. So when you clean your face it's no problem to wipe your face with a soft wet cloth or whatever. But when you want to dry your face you can't wipe, you have to dab. If you wipe your face dry, you will make microscopical little wounds because your face is so fragile. Your face will look red and you may even infect the tiny wounds over day. It is also important to dry your face with a soft towel and not let it air dry. When you let your face air dry, your skin might soak up the left overs of whatever was on your face before. When you towel dry your face, the towel will soak up most of the letf overs.

9. Never wax, only pluck. When people with sensitive skin like us wax on the sensitive skin (your face) you can pull peaces of skin out with the hairs, even if there aren't any zits in that area. Trust me, I've had that. So you pull out peaces of flesh with become red as hell because you have peaces of skin missing. These things will infect for sure as I have told you many times before. When you pluck the hairs with a plucker, you won't pull out skin, just hairs. So that's a safe way, even though it's slower. But trust me, you don't want to walk around for two weeks with a bleeding lip. Of course, your legs and bikini area are safe for waxing unless you have bad skin there as well.

10. Apply after shower. When you step out of the shower, your skin is at it's most receptive. So when you shower in the evening, it's the perfect time to apply your anty-zit creme. When you shower in the morning it's the perfect time to apply your moisturizer. But of course, remember rule number one.

Just some tips: always cary a little mirror in your purse/backpack so you can check your skin every couple of hours for zits who may have developped a yellow head. Then you can go to the bathroom and pop the zit in a bathroom stall where nobody can see you and be disgusted. Of course afterwards you always have to disinfect so carry a little bottle or spray with you as well.


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